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November 10, 2014

Showing Our Loved Ones We Care

For the past couple years we've been scratching our heads trying to figure out a way to show a symbol of our marriage without having to wear the rings, but now we can again and I am very thankful of that.

-Elizabeth Nyland

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October 31, 2014

Safely Deployed With QALO!

Just wanted to say thank you for our QALO ring! I surprised my husband with it for our anniversary this year and he will be deploying soon with it. He has told all of his friends that this is the most comfortable he has felt with his ring on and that he feels safe wearing it during his deployment. Love it!! Thank you!:)

- Marie Willcoxon and Matthew Willcoxon

October 28, 2014

No More Need For The Tattoo Ring

Just wanted to share this you all! My husband is a tattoo artist and hasn't wore his ring for years after hurting his ring finger playing football. Not to mention he wears gloves and it would get caught in them. I came across your rings after some one I follow on Instagram shared theirs. I wasn't even sure if he would wear it but I showed him the colors and he chose black. As soon as he got it he proudly put it on and it's been on ever since. Thank you for making it possible. Can't wait to get mine so that I can wear it when I workout.

Instagram: @bodyrockingmommy 

October 28, 2014

Crossfit Tested and Approved

Thank you for the great ring! My husband works in hvac and we are both avid crossfitters and adventure seekers. He has destroyed or lost about 5 rings in our 3 year marraige lol!  Now he has a ring that he cant ruin and he says he doesnt feel it on his finger. Im going to buy me one soon, id love the dark grey to be available in womens...i was also thinking it would be cool to put patterns or rivets in the ring to create unique designs.

Thanks again!

- Cailey

instagram: @caileyhaire  /  fitness page: @BARBELLGLAM

October 28, 2014

A Symbol For So Much More

My brother ‪#‎Jesseberlin‬ died in 2012 and he had been training to do Tough Mudder. It was something he was so excited about but never got a chance to do. This year I joined my dad in doing Tough Mudder in honor of Jesse. I bought a Qalo ring just for this event! It's the little things like a ring that can make the race even more awesome! I couldn't have been more happy with doing the race today. Thanks for making a quality ring that can fit into an active lifestyle!

- Nichole Berlin Huskey‎

October 28, 2014

QALO On Duty

My husband and I have been married for 4 years and he has always had problems with his wedding ring at work. He is a police officer and it cuts into his finger with gloves, handling people,  etc.. your product popped up on my Facebook and after reading about it and finally convincing my husband to try one he DID!  He loves it so much and thanks me all the time for convincing him. I have decided to order one for me also. We go camping a lot and I don't wear my jewelry for obvious reasons but now I can. We have been recommending your product to fellow officers! Thanks again great product!!
October 28, 2014

QALO, Good For The Zoo Life

I wear my Qalo ring every day, to work and to the gym. I'm a zookeeper, so my job goes from shoveling, lifting, hosing, pulling, to even the possible large cat claw under the ring. This has been a great purchase, without question, very safe! My husband is a long haul driver that moves household goods for clients relocating for their jobs or military, so this has allowed him to wear a wedding band without fear of crushing his ring onto his finger. Saves our hands and our real rings! Great product!

- Desi Crawford