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10 Affordable & Thoughtful Mother's Day Ideas

Written By: Melody Erhuy

10 Affordable & Thoughtful Mother's Day Ideas

Love shouldn’t be about the price tag. Around here, we’re big believers in quality: quality time, quality products, and quality relationships. That’s why we’re excited to share these ten affordable, thoughtful, and quality ways to celebrate mom this year for Mother’s Day.

1. Flowers

It’s an old classic gift. You can take a quick trip to a florist and pick out a stunning bouquet for mom, or try something fun and give mom an empty vase. When she looks at you, completely puzzled, explain that the next part of the day is a hike together, where you’ll find and pick wildflowers together to fill the vase.   

2. Succulents

Succulent plants are easy to keep alive, always unique, and look glorious in windowsills. They’ll last forever, and even the worst gardeners will be able to keep them alive with ease.

3. Game Night

Believe it or not, moms never get tired of wholesome family activities. Besides, what most moms really want is time with the family. Even if you’re grown, mom is still going to love playing a good old-fashioned board game with you. Pick up a new game and then block out an evening to spend time and play some games together.

4. Spa Day

Treating mom to the spa doesn’t have to be super expensive. Pick up a bath caddy and some nice bath and body products to create an affordable at-home spa experience. Try some face masks and scrubs for some relaxing at home quality time together. Make it even more relaxing and throw in a bottle of wine. Cheers!

5. Home Cooking

Don’t take her to a restaurant... everyone does that! Taking mom out to eat may be an easy idea, but you’re going to be met with the Mother’s Day crowds. In fact, Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the entire year at most restaurants. Instead, stay in. Show up at mom’s house and make her breakfast in bed. Cook her favorite things or some family favorites just like mom used to.

6. Stretch Out

Get moving with mom with a light and fun fitness afternoon. Mabe a walk in the park together or a nice yoga session. Grab a yoga mat for under $20, and then practice some yoga with mom. Plan a trip to a local studio together or do a quick yoga class in the park and take in some fresh air.

7. Paint Night

Paint nights are popular everywhere it seems. Get crafty with mom and set up a fun at home paint night together. Paint some small decorative items from your local craft store or get really creative with a totally blank canvas.

8. Buy The Book

Is mom an active reader? Try treating her to the latest bestseller or some of her favorite classics. Package it up with a new mug and an assortment of teas or coffee for a warm gift that’s low cost and incredibly thoughtful.

9. A Journal

Gift her a journal where she can write down daily notes or ideas. You can get extra sentimental and give her a journal you’ve already started with some sweet little moments or favorite mom memories.

10. Functional Jewelry

Moms are always busy and on the go. This year, get her something symbolic that she can actually use every day. QALO rings are a great way to celebrate busy mom. We suggest the scalloped pearl ring. It’s dainty, feminine, and tough enough to put up with anything. Just like mom.


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