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10 Back To School Tips

Written By: Melody Erhuy

10 Back To School Tips

The end of summer is always bittersweet. On one hand, it’s sad to send the kids back to school after a couple of months of memory making together. On the other hand, it’s kind of awesome to send the kids back to school after a couple of months of memory making together. Here’s a look at a few tips to kick the year off right.

1. Create a study cart!

Load it with paper, pencils, tape, scissors, and glue. Make sure it can roll to wherever your kiddo feels the best doing their homework.

2. Use great tools.

Stock that study cart with the right tools. Magnetic clips for hanging paperclips, plenty of writing utensils (stored in repurposed frozen juice cans), and paper sorters for flashcards are all great tips.

3. Teach time management.

Incorporate a reward system to motivate your kids to use their time wisely. For example, telling your kids that if they have their homework and chores done by 8 pm, they will earn an hour of free time before bed. This promise can be very motivating. Just be sure to hold the line when things aren’t done by 8 pm!

4. Color coding.

If possible, try to sort your kids’ stuff by color. If backpacks, lunch bags, and folders are easily identifiable, it becomes easier to know who has what, and who has left what behind. Since kids usually have pretty varied tastes in favorite colors, this should be an easy task.

5. Plan it out.

Make a breakfast calendar for the month. Make sure that you give the kids a say in what you’ll offer. Having a plan in advance can streamline the morning routine greatly.

6. Recycle it.

All those graded papers that come home can quickly turn your home into a cluttered mess. But it feels sad to toss them out, right? Create a recycle bin. All of the papers go in, and at the end of the month, we only keep the ones that really stand out. The rest get recycled guilt free.  

7. Make it special.

Plan something special for an after school on the first day back. It’s a nice tradition.

8. Be sporty.

Keep after school activity gear in a separate bag. Don’t trust the kids to pack spare socks in their backpack. Make them keep a separate sack that you can check for accuracy. Different activities have different bags.

9. Study outside of the box.

If your kiddo is a morning person, why not allow homework and studying to happen before school? If your kiddo needs your guidance to stay on task, why not arrange homework to happen while you’re making dinner? Playing to the strengths of individual students increases overall success.

10. Timing is everything.

Invest in an egg timer in order to help kids study in 20-minute blocks. If all else fails- make Google do it! Your home assistant is great at setting timers. Having a firm end to studying motivates more focused attention.

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