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    10 Must-Visit Travel Bucket List Destinations

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    10 Must-Visit Travel Bucket List Destinations

    2020 opens the book on a new decade, and in this chapter of your life, it’s time to cover some new ground and go exploring. Destinations like the Grand Canyon offer fantastic travel experiences stateside, but this year, step out of your comfort zone and visit some international bucket list travel destinations. Not sure where to go? Start shopping around for flight deals to any of our top bucket list places to travel around the world.

    1. Reykjavik, Iceland

    The land of fire and ice is quickly becoming a popular travel bucket list locale. If you’ve dreamed of witnessing the northern lights, taking a dip in hot springs, peaking into volcanoes, relaxing on black sand beaches, or snapping photos of breathtaking waterfalls, this is the place to do it. After sundown, explore the robust nightlife of Reykjavik.

    2. Great Exuma, Bahamas

    Snorkel and scuba dive through the clear blue ocean and then catch a tan while splayed across soft white sand beaches. These are the obvious attractions in the Bahamas, but did we mention swimming with pigs? The island of Big Major Cay, just 80 miles southeast of Nassau, is home to friendly pigs who will swim out to greet you as you approach.

    3. Cairo, Egypt

    Cairo is jam-packed with head-spinning historical sites, from the famous Pyramids of Giza to the myriad of mummies and artwork housed at the Egyptian Museum. Book a cruise down the Nile after you’ve had your fill of tagine and traffic to relax in the slow-paced and gorgeous city of Aswan.

    4. Rome, Italy

    This perennial bucket list travel destination has it all. Let the breathtaking ruins and monuments of the Roman Empire like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum inspire you, and then walk to the Vatican to appreciate the stunning art and architecture. Scarf down some world-renowned pizza and rent a Vespa to see the city via a scooter tour.

    5. Inverness, Scotland

    From Inverness, you can set out on an inspiring journey around the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Drink in majestic scenery populated with heather-covered mountains, shimmering lochs, and mythical castles as you hit up filming locations from Game of Thrones and Outlander. Help yourself to heaping portions of haggis and porridge while you’re there.

    6. Petra, Jordan

    This ancient Nabatean city was carved entirely from pinkish rock and houses over 800 tombs. The city thrived for many centuries before being devastated by an earthquake and subsequently abandoned. Book a home base in nearby Amman to also make your way to another bucket list destination – the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.

    7. Machu Picchu, Peru

    Few sites carry such historical weight as the ancient capital of the Incan Empire. Machu Picchu wasn’t rediscovered until the 20th century and remains mostly intact. This destination is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as the best way to experience the city is a multi-day backpacking excursion.

    8. Etosha National Park, Namibia

    The first designated UNESCO World Heritage Site was the African Serengeti, home to amazing creatures like rhinos, lions, elephants, and leopards. Etosha National Park in Namibia is perhaps the best spot to book a safari, as the drier climate encourages wildlife to concentrate around watering holes for easy viewing.

    9. Lucerne, Switzerland

    The Swiss Alps are home to some of the most dramatic views in Europe. Book a stay in Lucerne to be a stone’s throw away from many of the top alpine attractions. Visit in spring to hike across lush mountain ranges dotted with colorful wildflowers and grazing cattle. Or venture to Switzerland in the winter to check alpine skiing off your bucket list.

    10. Agra, India

    One hundred thirty miles south of New Delhi lies Agra, the home of what many consider to be the most beautiful structure in the world. Adventurers can’t pass up the chance to see the Taj Mahal, commissioned by emperor Shah Jahan to serve as a mausoleum for his love, Mumtaz Mahal. Plan this inspirational trip in advance, as the Taj Mahal is the most visited attraction on the planet.

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