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    Philanthropy Spotlight: Barbells For Boobs

    Written By: Natalie Freitag

    Philanthropy Spotlight: Barbells For Boobs

    At QALO, we believe in being more than just a wedding ring.

    The “LOVE” in QALO is what drives us to support, encourage, and partner with nonprofits that seek to positively impact their communities.

    The communities that also call QALO their community are the ones that we especially feel called to partner with.


    Early on, we kept hearing amazing things about a nonprofit organization within the fitness community. Even more so, we kept hearing inspiring things about a passionate woman named Zionna.

    We wanted to know more, and once we did, we were hooked.

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    Barbells for Boobs is a cause that was born out of love for a friend.

    Zionna’s longtime friend Cecy had concerns about a mysterious lump in her breast. Her concerns were disregarded and she was told by her doctor to come back at the age of 40, months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Today, she is a survivor because she was persistent about getting tested.


    This began Zionna’s quest to ensure this story would not repeat itself.

    The mission of Barbells for Boobs is to grant everyone access to detection services, no matter your age or gender. Their slogan “Everyone has a RIGHT to know” is what breathes life, inspires passion, and encourages the fitness community to come together through fundraising and events.


    They have a unique mindset at Barbells for Boobs: YOU are Barbells for Boobs.

    “If you donate to us, if you have a fundraising team, if you have a fundraising page: you are Barbells for Boobs. That is the difference between charity work and building a movement and actually creating social change.” -Zionna, Founder of Barbells for Boobs.



    That passion and commitment is what has inspired us to partner with them to help raise money for their cause.

    20% of the proceeds from the Barbells for Boobs collection gets donated back to their amazing program.
    For more information, check them at


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