Inside the QALO Family: A Marriage Proposal
March 08, 2016


Inside the QALO Family: A Marriage Proposal

As wedding season draws near, the QALO office is delighted to see some of our very own about to embark on their greatest adventure yet: Marriage!

Our ECommerce Account Manager, Sean Murphy, is currently in all-hands-on-deck preparation mode for his upcoming wedding in April to his college sweetheart, Rachel. We interviewed him and his beautiful bride-to-be to get the inside scoop on their long-lasting relationship, the sweet proposal, and their thoughts on marriage.

How did you two meet?

Rachel: “I was thirteen years old, boy crazy, saw Sean at summer camp and fell in love at first sight”

Sean: “I saw Rachel and thought, she’s gorgeous but a little weird”

Dating 1

Sean and Rachel met through church events in middle school but didn’t officially start dating until college. They have been together for almost 4 years now.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Sean: “Drinking coffee while walking/hiking in beautiful places. Also, we love to play music together. Rachel has a beautiful voice and I play the drums.”

How did you propose?

Sean: “Rachel and I went up to Santa Cruz for the weekend with some friends and I surprised her with my Grandma’s diamond ring at the lighthouse on Steamers Lane.”

Proposal 1

What are you both looking forward to most about Marriage?

Rachel: “to coming home every night to turn on some music on our record player, making some dinner and spending quality time together.”

Sean: “I’m looking forward to doing everyday life with my best friend.”

In what ways do you inspire each other to live an active/ adventurous lifestyle?

Sean: “Active lifestyles are both in our DNA. Rachel loves to hike, run, bike and do yoga and I love anything that has to do with sports and competition. Integrating that is pretty fun especially when one of us beats each other at something. It motivates us to not lose to each other.”

Engagement 2

Well if that doesn’t make you melt, then I don’t know what will.

Sean and Rachel will be heading to Oahu, Hawaii for their honeymoon with QALO rings on hand (of course!) as they explore and relax as husband and wife.

Congrats to you both!

Stay tuned for more love stories from the QALO office…

Engagement photos courtesy of John Woods Photography

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