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Age Doesn’t Make A Difference

Written By: Aaron Johnson

Age Doesn’t Make A Difference

Brittany and Robbie Bergquist (12 and 13, respectively) learned of a soldier who racked up an $8000 cell phone bill by calling his family from Iraq. They decided to pay the soldier’s phone bill and brought $21 to the bank to start an account. The bank manager was so impressed he added an additional $500. This encouraged them to keep trying. The kids then held car washes and bake sales, but then decided on recycling used cell phones. With help from volunteers, they set up drop-off sites across the USA, and used the proceeds to buy prepaid phone cards for troops overseas. To date their ‘Cell Phones for Soldiers” program has collected 7.5 million phones and provided military personnel with over 90 million minutes’ worth of pre-paid airtime. Courtesy of Listverse.com It’s funny how often we stack up our reasons why we won’t be successful, or make a difference. I am guilty of it. I am sure we all are at times in our lives, whether it be in starting a business, helping others, or even being a husband or wife. Though we often learn the largest obstacle standing in our way is the one we have constructed. Soon we find ourselves growing weary of the climb, and the original excitement has faded into a burden. I admire the way kids go after their goals. Children open their eyes to their dreams, and become deaf to their critics. I’ve learned I too often switch those around. When it comes to dreams, be like a child. I am not telling you to believe in Santa Clause, or the Easter Bunny, just in yourself. I wanted to share the theme of the story above in honor of us teaming up with www.onemarinesview.com to support our troops overseas. Unfortunately, soldiers do not wear their wedding bands while serving due to safety issues. We hope to change that. Read their article on QALO to see how your purchase can help support our soldiers.

QALO Life Team


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