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A company we love: The Yes Girls

Written By: Aaron Johnson

A company we love: The Yes Girls

Obviously, at QALO we are all about innovation and creativity with the concept of marriage. It's a tradition that has been in existence for thousands of years, but like the rest of the world, old traditions do evolve. The first blog we love features a company helping guys "pop the question" in creative, custom ways. Our very own founder KC used The Yes Girls for his amazing proposal, and is eternally grateful for their help.

Men, just a heads up, the game is changing, and these girls are leading the charge.

No proposal is too large, or elaborate, for The Yes Girls.


A little bit more about The Yes Girls as a company The Yes Girls found a niche in marriage proposal planning, but we adore and specialize in wedding anniversary and wedding planning too. Basically we love ALL things involving romance! We recognize the pressure it can be on gentlemen when it comes to "popping the question" or on a spouse trying to plan a truly romantic wedding anniversary. We are abundant in creativity, alleviate any worries you have while creating and planning your proposal, and assist you in making your customized and unique "She Said Yes" moment a flawless celebration. The Yes Girls will take your proposal or special occasion from thoughtless to thoughtful! The Yes Girls Events was founded in 2008 on the passion and life-long dream of our President, Heather Vaughn, the original proposal planner. Our event planning expertise, allows us to produce fresh and creative ideas for every proposal, wedding and client. The Yes Girls believe exceptional proposals, weddings and events are created by building relationships with our clients, so that every detail is communicated. Your event and planning experience will reflect you! It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to contact us!


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