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    25 Engravings That Are Not Cheesy

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    25 Engravings That Are Not Cheesy

    Custom engraved rings are kind-of cool, right? Ok, fine. They’re really cool. The option of taking your favorite QALO ring in your favorite color and engraving quotes on it to make it totally one-of-a-kind is just a lot of fun. But engraving ideas can run thin once you realize that you’ve only got 22 characters to work with. Seems like everything left is pretty, well, cheesy.

    But your custom silicone ring dreams don’t have to end there! Here are our favorite 25 engraving ideas that are under 22 characters, and definitely not cheesy.

    1. Keep Going 

    2. Because I Knew You 

    3. Just Don't Quit 

    4. Don't Die Wondering 

    5. Yes I Can 

    6. Make Yourself Proud 

    7. Just Do It 

    8. Choose Kind

    9. If Not Now, When?

    10. Excuses or Progress

    11. Because You Loved Me 

    12. Better Than Yesterday 

    13. Don't Dream It. Be It. 

    14. Cowboy Up 

    15. Life is Short 

    16. Together Forever 

    17. Dream Endlessly 

    18. There Is No Try 

    19. Just Keep Swimming 

    20. Not Dead Yet 

    21. In It To Win It 

    22. Be Fearless 

    23. Nature Doesn't Rush 

    24. Dare To Be Brave 

    25. Committed 

      Ready to get started? We thought you might be. You can click here to build a custom QALO from our Strata Collection. It’s the newest arrival in our custom creations line, and it’s anything but cheesy.


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