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4 Active & Unique Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Written By: Melody Erhuy

4 Active & Unique Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Lots of Americans enjoy the Independence Day holiday by getting out of town. Early July is a great time for travel, with kids being out of school and the weather being sublime.

But this year, the holiday happens to fall in the middle of the work week. That means that most of us can’t get away with a quick weekend trip, and chances are if you haven’t booked already, finding availability and an affordable last minute rate is going to be quite difficult. So, with that in mind, here are our four favorite ways to enjoy the Fourth from home and without breaking the bank.

1. Kick It

We love the idea of a community kickball game on the 4th. Start by hanging flyers on community bulletins boards inviting people to show up at a certain park. Make the event a picnic/potluck and get to know your neighbors! You could even talk to your local Parks and Recreation department, as they can sometimes help promote these community events.  

2. All Americana

Even if you’re not traveling or hosting a BBQ, you can still go all Americana today. Research local community events and get involved! Often there will be fairs, parades, and fundraisers on the holiday and they’re always looking for volunteers. If you’re not interested in the commitment, just plan to attend these parades, festivals, and free firework shows. It’s less mess for you, and you still get to enjoy some of the traditional elements of this holiday.

3. Hit the Sales

Believe it or not, this holiday is a pretty sweet time for retailers to offer incentives on items. Since sales tend to be slow on the holiday, retails are known for offering some pretty spectacular deals on back to school items like shoes, clothes, and even laptops. Even better? You don’t have to tackle the crowds at the malls to get the deals anymore. Most retailers now offer their best deals online as well as in store.

4. Make Money, Not Plans

Here’s an off the wall idea. Instead of taking the day off, try picking up a shift at work. If you have no plans and nowhere to be, working on a holiday can be very lucrative. Most hourly jobs are required to offer at least time and a half for your efforts, with some employers offering up to double pay. If your office is closed, offer your services as a babysitter or Uber driver for the day. You’ll wind up putting a nice little sum in your pocket and feel great about helping others!

Since you’re saving all that cash by not traveling out of town, why not pick up a great new QALO silicone ring or some American apparel to celebrate the day? Our Americana line comes in bold patriotic colors that are perfect for July 4th and can be worn all year long.



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