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4 Customization Ideas for Your Strata Ring

Written By: Melody Erhuy

4 Customization Ideas for Your Strata Ring

Customized silicone wedding rings take your symbol of commitment to the next level, personalizing your ring with a statement or phrase to make your silicone wedding bands one-of-a-kind. Some of our rings only have space for 12 characters, but if you go with a Strata ring you’ll have ample space to craft your message.

Featuring an exclusive collaboration with racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Amy Earnhardt, our Strata collection consists of bold rings in a dynamic, two-tone design with two layers of contrasting silicone. The other perk of the Strata collection is the ability to fully personalize your ring — you can add custom engraving text of up to 25 characters. This presents more possibility than with any other silicone ring!

With so many options you may not know where to begin. Here are some of the best personalizations for custom silicone wedding rings.


Your Favorite Quote

Sure, wedding bands are meant to be romantic, but with the affordable prices at QALO you can order multiple rings for any occasion. Get inspired or simply get a laugh with your favorite quote from a movie, book, or just a conversation with your spouse. Sample the 2001 fan favorite Moulin Rouge with the engraving “love + be loved in return,” or take inspiration from tortured soul Severus Snape with the simple inscription “Always.”

An Important Memory

With 25 characters you have the opportunity to provide context and celebrate how you and your true love found one another. Whether it’s the location of your wedding or the name of the cafe where you shared your first cup of coffee, engrave your Strata ring with an important memory to mark a life-changing occasion. Your options are endless, from “tied the knot in Malibu” to “cancer-free since 2010.” Who says a silicone ring can’t be poignant?

Wedding Anniversary Date

This is one of the most popular and enduring wedding ring inscription ideas, and with more than 20 characters you can add personalized details to your silicone ring. You aren’t limited to a date format like “5-12-18.” Add initials on either side for a symbol of unity: “AJM 5-12-18 SEG.” Or let us know where you eloped: “Fiji - April 28, 2018.” It was your special day — don’t limit yourself to 12 characters or less!

Names or Nicknames

With 25 characters you might be able to fit your beloved’s entire name on your silicone ring. What better inscription than the person you’re committed to? Maybe you have secret pet names — personalize your Strata ring with the tokens of affection you exchange daily. Any combination will fit; “Honey and Sugar,” “Mulder and Scully,” or “Bert and Ernie."

When personalizing your ring be sure to double check your spelling. While our customer support team proofreads for errors, customized silicone wedding rings are personal and when in doubt we will assume misspellings are on purpose. Now get brainstorming to figure out the perfect engraving for your Strata ring.


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