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4 Fun Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend

Written By: Nicole Browning

4 Fun Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend

For many students and education professionals, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer. As the three-day weekend grants seemingly endless relaxation and recreation possibilities, over 41 million Americans are expected to travel over the weekend, mostly by car.

This year Memorial Day falls on May 27. If you’re not planning to host a barbecue or simply fall asleep in a hammock along the seashore, consider bringing your family along for any of these inexpensive Memorial Day activities.

Things to Do for Memorial Day Weekend

Explore a National Park — The extra day gives your family plenty of time to drive to a National Park near you and explore all of the natural wonders our parks have to offer. From the geysers of Yellowstone to the sequoias of Yosemite there are limitless marvels to soak up and traverse. If you plan to hike through the wilderness stay on the safe side and wear a protective silicone ring. Find a national park near you and start packing for your road trip.

Attend a Parade — Across the country cities will be hosting their own unique Memorial Day Parades to honor our fallen troops. Parades offer something for everyone in your family, featuring ceremonies like wreath laying and flag unfurling, performances by marching bands, and often fireworks displays to close out the parade. Search for parades near you by typing “Memorial Day parade near me” on any search engine.

Plan a Neighborhood Bake-Off — Maybe you’re an empty-nester, or otherwise want an excuse to bond with other culinary legends on your block. If you’re already hosting a Memorial Day barbeque or cookout why not spice up your dessert selection with a friendly competition? Hosting a bake-off only requires a little planning and coordination so you end up with a great selection of tantalizing treats.

Build a Fort — Maybe you planned a day of fun in the sun only to have your plans spoiled by a bout of rain. When you and the kiddos are stuck inside, make the most of Memorial Day by going all-out and building an elaborate fort with extra linens, pillows, and living room furniture.

Try to fit everyone in the family inside your makeshift fort. Once it’s built your pillow fort can serve as the perfect place to play games, eat sweet treats, and even take a moment to explain to your kids why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Contrary to common belief, Memorial Day is not a holiday intended to celebrate troops currently serving in the U.S. military. Instead, Memorial Day was created to honor and remember service members who sacrificed their lives in battle serving their country.

If you have a family member or friend who has lost a loved one to war consider giving them a small token of support for Memorial Day. Our military silicone rings feature unique designs for men and women who served in any branch of the U.S. military.

A silicone ring with the name of a fallen family member or the name of their branch is a powerful memento that honors the brave service members who laid down their lives to keep us safe so we can celebrate this special holiday year after year.


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