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    5 Rules About Wedding Rings in the Military That You May Not Know

    Written By: Admin Winbg

    5 Rules About Wedding Rings in the Military That You May Not Know

    Military life means living by a whole new set of rules and regulations. While most people know that relocations and deployments are a way of life once you’re enlisted, there are other things that can come as quite a surprise! For example, did you know that the number of rings that a military member can wear is strictly controlled? Here’s a look at how many rings they are allowed to wear, as well as four other rules that military members must abide by.

    1. Military & Wedding Rings

    When it comes to military approved wedding bands, there are a few things that you should know. While a member of the military may wear up to two rings (a wedding set is considered one ring), all rings must be simple and in good taste. That’s why a lot of members of the military opt for military silicone rings.  They’re safe, simple, and unassuming.

    2. Body Jewelry is a No-Go

    When it comes to rings, members of the military are pretty limited. Fingers are OK, but everything else is pretty much off limits. Women can wear certain forms of earrings under certain circumstances, but men cannot. As for body piercings? They’re pretty much always off limits. The rule even applies to internal piercings, like the tongue. The rule extends to off-duty times, too.   

    3. Chains

    When you think about chain jewelry, described as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, you’d better be thinking off-duty times only. With very few exceptions, these accessories may only be worn when a soldier is off duty and in civilian clothing.    

    4. Sunglasses

    There is nothing worse than being out in the sun and not having your shades close by. But unless a field commander says it’s OK, generally soldiers aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses. If the commander gives the OK - sunglasses may be worn, but only ones that are simple and brand neutral. They also have to have traditional black, brown, or dark green lenses only. While prescription eyeglasses may be worn at any time, designs that are trendy or adorned with initials, designs, or other ornamental touches are never allowed.

    5. Contact Lenses

    This one may come as a surprise! The military often limits the use of prescription contact lenses, as well. The only lenses that are universally approved are clear, untinted, standard prescription lenses. Opaque lenses can be used in the event of doctors orders, but tinted, colored, or lenses with iris changing designs are outlawed while in uniform.

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