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5 Great Gifts for Firefighters

Written By: Melody Erhuy

5 Great Gifts for Firefighters

They put their lives on the line to protect others every day. Firefighters are the pinnacle of bravery. Here are five unique gift ideas that really show how much you appreciate their dedication.

1. Better Sleep

Since most firefighters keep 24-hour shifts, getting good sleep is essential. You can help them accomplish this in a variety of ways. You can consider gifting a fancy, upgraded pillow for their bunk at the firehouse, or an eye pillow to help them get to sleep more quickly. You could also purchase a massage for the firefighter in your life. Help them relax on their off day, since hauling all of that heavy equipment can put a strain on the muscles. It all adds up to better sleep, which adds up to a better quality of life.

2. Firehose Accessories

Did you know that upcycled fire hoses are a thing? Turns out that when a fire hose is retired, artisans are able to repurpose them into fashion accessories. A quick search on Google revealed wallets, belts, and even lapel pins made from retired fire hoses. And we love the idea. Do a little digging and find a unique gift made from fire hoses for your firefighter! It’s certainly one of a kind!

3. St. Florian Items

The patron saint of firefighters, many take comfort in keeping items featuring this saint on their body during their watch. You should be able to find a variety of items that accomplish this. Some prefer necklaces, but that can present a risk during their shift if worn. We like the idea of a lightweight coin or token. It slips into a pocket or shoe easily without adding much weight.

4. Paracord Watch

Most firefighters are prohibited from wearing a standard watch during their duty times. They represent a risk and hazard during activity. But a watch face set in paracord could turn out to be quite useful, and may even be allowed while on duty. You’ll want to do a bit of research before purchasing, as every station has their own rules, but this is a great way to keep the firefighter in your life on time and looking great.

5. Silicone Rings

Finally, consider the gift of a QALO silicone ring. They’re tough as nails but designed to put fingers first. That means that, if placed under extreme stress, these rings will stretch and eventually break in order to protect a finger. In addition to being comfortable and lightweight, silicone rings also don’t conduct heat. And for a firefighter, that is an excellent thing. Shop our collection of “Thin Red Line” rings here. They’re specifically designed for firefighters.

A big, sincere thank you delivered with a warm hug is another great way to show your gratitude at Christmas. This can be a thankless profession, especially when it’s time to consider city taxes. Not all gifts need to be wrapped, and a heartfelt thank you is the perfect complement to any gift that you’ll give the firefighter in your life.


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