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5 Reasons to Choose QALO Silicone Wedding Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

5 Reasons to Choose QALO Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone rings are the hottest trend in the wedding and fashion industry. Beyond the incredibly attractive price point (most silicone rings represent up to a 95% discount off of traditional wedding bands), silicone rings are also comfortable and safe. They break away under pressure and are able to stand up to temperature and environmental stressors. But that’s all silicone rings. Here’s what makes QALO silicone rings really special.

1. We were started by a pair of devoted husbands.

Two friends, madly in love with their wives but terribly unhappy with their wedding bands, came up with an idea. Something comfortable that is designed to move with the finger, and won’t break the bank. QALO silicone rings are the result of their brainstorming.

2. We’re a special community.

QALO puts customer service first. Just as our founders are committed to their wives, their company is committed to you. That’s why you’ll find thousands of five-star reviews on our website. We don’t pay customers for the reviews, and we won’t edit them, either. They’re honest and trustworthy and speak highly of the many ways QALO prioritizes the customer experience. 

3. We give back to worthwhile organizations.

It’s not always about the bottom line. For us, it’s also about supporting causes that matter. That’s why we’re proud to create special edition rings every year. The sale of these rings leads to a philanthropic donation to non-profit organizations working to make a difference in our world. We’re proud to support organizations like Barbells for Boobs, the National Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the Alliance for Lupus Research, and so many more.

4. We understand diversity is what binds us together.

QALO is designed to celebrate commitment. But we’re also quick to acknowledge that we may all be committed to different things. QALO is shorthand for what we’re committed to, Quality, Athletics, Love, and the Outdoors. Within those differing commitments, we know that there are different personalities, styles, and preferences. That’s why we’re excited about our wide range of silicone rings and products, in various colors and designs. With more than 30 colors to choose from, and the ability to customize almost any ring, we offer a diverse selection for our diverse community.  

5. We’re focused on what our customers want.

We’re excited to be expanding our products this spring. Just as your commitment can grow as time marches forward, we’re happy to offer new products that support your life in new ways. We strive to serve our customers and provide you with items that help make your life better. Add that to our silicone rings, apparel, and accessory lines and we come together with a wide selection of products.


Ready to check out what sets QALO apart from the rest? Head over and check out what is new in our men’s and women’s silicone ring collections.


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