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5 Summer Trends for Men

Written By: KC Holiday

5 Summer Trends for Men

Every dapper gentleman loves rocking a suit, but as the weather warms and the sun comes out many men are tempted to ditch the stylish winter wear for baggy shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. Men’s summer accessories and fashion trends can add flair and function to any summer outfit, whether you’re hitting the hiking trail or meeting up with family for afternoon brunch.

Summer isn’t an excuse to slack off where your wardrobe is concerned — dress to impress with our favorite men’s summer trends.

Knit Polo Shirts

So it’s nearly eighty degrees outside — who says you can’t look classy? Pair a lightweight linen blazer with a sporty knit polo for a fresh look suitable for church, an outdoor festival, or a morning business meeting. Slim-cut knit polos have a vintage edge that makes your outfit look refined and timeless. For an example of what to look for check out this polo from Brooks Brothers.

Sling Bags

You’ve got stuff to carry. Go hands-free and get out to explore this summer with a functional and trendy sling bag. 2019 is the year of the sling bag — according to Pinterest, searches for sling bags online are up by an astounding 1,184 percent. Whoa! Gift your friend or hubby an outdoor sling bag or pick one up for yourself. With ample room for a reusable water bottle, sunscreen, chargers, and anything else you’d need a sling bag is a must for summer exploration.

Vintage Watches

No men’s summer accessories are quite as attractive as quality vintage watches. Watches from reliable brands like Rolex or Chopard are chic statement makers that will start a conversation, remain comfy year-round, and make a great impression when meeting new clients or the in-laws. Strapped for cash? You can find some amazing yet affordable vintage watches on Etsy and eBay.

Hiking Sandals

This is music to any outdoor enthusiast’s ears — according to the trendsetters at GQ hiking sandals are officially the summer wardrobe staple for 2019. While the high-end, print-centric sandals featured on GQ run over $200, you can embrace the practicality and casual comfort of hiking sandals while remaining fashionable with a streamlined, simple pair from Zappos for half that price.

Silicone Rings

Athletic wear is perennially popular in the summer — exercising, hiking, fishing, and having fun in the great outdoors doesn’t allow you to look sloppy! Protect your wedding ring from scratches and avoid catastrophes like ring avulsion by sporting a breathable silicone ring. Available in dozens of designs and color options, silicone rings from QALO are extra durable and designed with perforated holes to increase airflow. Train for a marathon or ascend a cliff face with confidence with this essential summer accessory for men.

Decked out in our favorite men’s summer trends you won’t suffer from the summer fashion slump — step outside with swag wearing a sling bag, walking in trendy hiking sandals, and preparing for your athletic adventure with a QALO ring.


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