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5 Ways to Show Gratitude This Valentine's Day

Written By: QALO Inc.

5 Ways to Show Gratitude This Valentine's Day

Do you love the idea of Valentine’s Day, but aren’t crazy about the typical ways this day of love is celebrated? We hear you! That’s why we decided to share a few simple yet meaningful ways to show gratitude this year.

Instead of sending roses and buying fancy chocolates, try these alternate ways of letting your loved ones know how much you genuinely appreciate them.

1. Plant Love Notes

Surprise your significant other with the gift of a few kind words by planting special notes of love in random places. Whether you use sticky notes, random scraps of paper, or unique stationery, your partner will be pleasantly surprised to find notes from you in unexpected places like a purse, wallet, on the bathroom mirror, in a book, and on their travel mug.

 If you have kids, this is a perfect way to show your love for them, too, and it’ll make them feel special all day long. Place notes in their lunches, backpacks, bedrooms, and anywhere else they’ll be sure to discover them!

2. Make Their Favorite Food

Secretly whip up your sweetie’s favorite dish or dessert, and they’ll be delighted when they get home after a long day. Whether you share this romantic meal by candlelight or enjoy it together with your kiddos, your partner will definitely feel cared for.

3. Spend Quality Time Together 

Carve out time to be together doing something you both enjoy at home. Whether you watch your spouse’s favorite movie, have a living room picnic, enjoy conversation over a bottle of wine, or plan a QALO Date Night Box experience, the point is to spend quality, undistracted time together and truly appreciate one another’s company.

Can’t make it work on Valentine’s Day? Put it on the calendar for another day in February!

4. Do One of Your Partner’s Regular Chores

Does your wife typically handle the dishes? Is your husband in charge of taking out the trash? One of the best ways you can show your significant other how much you appreciate their help around the house is to, first, say “thank you” often. And, second, give them a break from their routine chores by doing one (or more!) of them on Valentine’s Day.

While you may not enjoy doing the actual task (remember, your partner probably doesn’t either), you’ll love the authentic look of surprise on your love’s face when they see the thoughtful gift you’ve given them.

5. Extend Gratitude in Your Community

Spend quality time with your loved one while simultaneously extending gratitude to those in need by volunteering for community service together. On or around Valentine’s Day, visit a home for the elderly, a soup kitchen, or a children’s hospital to spread some love to others who are lonely or going through a tough time. Bring Valentine’s cards to hand out as a way of letting them know they are not alone and to lift their spirits.

Giving to others doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s one of the most extraordinary things you can do. It’s also a great way to bond with your partner. 

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