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    6 Family Christmas Crafts

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    6 Family Christmas Crafts

    Christmas time is a busy time for most families. But that does not mean that it has to be a time that isn’t filled with magic for small hands. We did some searching, and here are six Christmastime crafts that are adorable and achievable, no matter your time constraints.

    1. Candy Christmas Globe

    This one is quick, fun, and tasty! You’ll use white chocolate peanut butter cups and some candy coating to make a snow globe inside of an empty 16-ounce canning jar. The candy turns into a Christmas tree. These make great gifts for neighbors and family. And the best part? You can devour them anytime you like.

    2. Ice Lanterns

    If you live in a place where it stays cold enough for ice to stay frozen outside, these lanterns can really dress up a walkway. They’re simple to make, and all that you need is battery powered tea lights (because the fire will melt the ice), water, and some plastic containers. Allow the kids to choose evergreens, twigs, or winterberries to make the lanterns beautiful. Use a variety of plastic containers to create interesting shapes of lanterns!

    3. Simple Snowflakes

    Maybe you don’t have clothespins lying around the house, but your local craft store will likely have plenty on hand. You can use these to create some pretty simply snowflakes. Paint the pins first and then let an adult use the hot glue gun to glue them together.

    4. Gingerbread Houses

    While you certainly could bake the components on your own, there is no need to bake a gingerbread house in order to enjoy decorating one. Pick up a ready-made kit at your local grocery store and let the kids have fun creating a fairy tale palace. Don’t get too upset if they eat some candy along the way. This one could become an easy tradition for your family! Keeping photos of each year’s “Gingerbread Village” will showcase how your children grow artistically from year to year.

    5. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

    This is a cute two-part project that turns everyday coffee filters into a proper table centerpiece! Follow the directions to create an ombre Christmas tree that will stay fresh all season long. Let an adult manage the hot glue gun, but allow the kids to get creative on the colors of their trees. There is nothing wrong with blue, purple, and even red trees!

    6. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

    This value-driven craft is a lot of fun, and practical to boot. Invest in some easel paper and allow the kids to use potatoes to make stamps. Use cookie cutters to trace holiday shapes. Or just use tempera paint and your child's creativity to create something totally unique. Then use the artwork as wrapping paper. The gift recipients may never want to open their gifts!  

    We can’t wait to see some of these crafts. Will you share them with us on social media? Just don’t forget to tag us, @QALO.


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