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    6 Halloween Activities To Do As A Family

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    6 Halloween Activities To Do As A Family

    Are you ready for Beggar’s Night? No matter if you have little kids who are ready to hit the streets and score too much some sugar, or if you have older kids who have aged out of the door-to-door begging, here are six Halloween activities that will make your year memorable.

    1. Go Pumpkin Patching

    Hop on Google (or your local Facebook community page) to find the best pumpkin patches in your area. Not just for the tykes anymore, today’s patches offer a variety of family-friendly activities. Popular choices include hay wagon rides, corn mazes, and even apple cannons.

    2. Haunted House

    If you have older kids this one can be a real treat! Especially if you have a covered front porch, consider turning your home into a haunted house for beggar’s night. A few strobe lights and interesting décor go a long way. Here are a few tips.

    3. Spook the Neighbors

    This one is a real winner! Create a bag of treats that hang on your neighbor’s front door. Explain that they’ve been “Spooked” on a note card, and invite them to spook their neighbors, too. Make sure you do this anonymously and see if the spooks get back around to you! It’s like a chain letter, but with a spooky sweet twist!

    4. Scavenge

    We love the idea of scavenger hunts. We recently tripped across this one, created by “One Mama’s Daily Drama,” online and knew it was an activity that we had to share. There are multiple versions that you can print. Depending on the ages of your kids, you can ever let them race through the neighborhood to see who wins, or you can let younger kids lead you on the expedition, and see how much you can find.

    5. Toilet Paper Mummies

    The kids will get really excited about this one! Head to the Dollar store and invest in a LOT of low priced bathroom tissue. Then let the kids go wild, wrapping you up like a mummy, or allowing you to turn them into a mummy. Turning on some fun music makes this a fun mummy dance party that won’t be forgotten!

    6. Family Night

    Finally, turn all of the traditional Halloween activities into one massive family party. Play music while you carve pumpkins, watch your favorite Halloween movie, and then head outside for a bonfire with apple cider and s’mores. It might be a full Saturday, but it’s also a day your kids aren’t likely to forget!

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