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6 Quick Tips To Secretly Finding A Ring Size

Considering gifting a QALO? We’re happy to hear it! We believe that a silicone ring is a great gift to give, and even better to receive. While it’s an easy gift to choose, it might not always be obvious what size you need to select. Here are six super stealthy suggestions for secretly finding your loved one’s ring size.

1. Steal It

Perhaps the easiest way to learn a ring size on the sly is to steal one that isn’t being worn from your loved one’s jewelry box. It should be a ring that you know is worn from time to time to ensure that the fit is correct. Then, simply take the ring to a local jeweler and ask them what size it is.

2. Ask Around

If it’s not realistic to sneak a ring away, try asking those closest to the person you’re shopping for. Perhaps they can ask leading questions discretely, or ask the gift recipient to try on one of their own rings to see how their finger sizes compare. This will give you a general idea of the ring size you’ll want to purchase.

3. Be Discreetly Direct

If you can’t ask a friend for help, you may have to get the information on your own. You can sneak ring size into the conversation by asking her ring size as a metric for someone else you wish to purchase for, say a mother or a sister. You can also compliment her tiny hands, and ask what size ring it takes to stay on without sliding off. Women love being complimented, so the diversion tactic will work well.

4. Request a Ring Sizer

Some websites will mail you a free ring sizing tool. If you can get a hold of one of these, tell her a buddy of yours had it, and you thought it was neat. Then measure all of your fingers and all of hers to create a distraction.

5. Compare your Fingers

Start by drawing a contrast between your hand sizes, and move on to fingers. If you know your own ring size, mention it, see if it leads her to mention her own. If not, noting the size difference in your fingers can give you a very rough idea of where to start on ring sizing.

6. Super Sleuth

Our sneakiest method, and this one requires quite a bit of stealth on your part, is to measure a finger while the gift recipient is asleep. Use a string to measure the finger, marking with your thumb where the string overlaps. Once you’ve got it, quickly mark the spot with a marker or pen. Now that you have a pretty good idea of what ring size you’re looking for, check out our ring sizing guide for final tips to finding the perfect fit.

When ordering a QALO, keep in mind that silicone is a stretchy material. Your QALO will not shrink or warp in shape over time, though occasionally it may stretch. For this reason, we recommend sizing down if you’re between sizes.

If the size winds up being incorrect, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered by our return and exchange policy. Your ring is eligible for return for up to 30 days after it is delivered, and size exchange up to 60 days. Read more about our return and exchange policy, here.