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6 Reasons QALO Rings are the Solution for Doctors & Nurses

When it comes to medical professionals, wedding rings while on the job can be tricky. While many rings are representative of commitment and sentimental milestones in your life, they can also be hazardous when you’re working with your hands every day. Especially when your hands are being used to care for or potentially save the life of someone else. That’s why the best wedding bands for nurses are made from medical grade silicone. Here are six reasons why a QALO is the best ring out there for doctors and nurses.

Medical Grade Silicone

Medical grade silicone is a silicone that has been tested for biocompatibility. This means that it has been deemed appropriate for medical applications. Since all QALO rings are made only from medical grade silicone, you can rest assured that not only will your ring be kind to your skin, it’s also kind to the skin of your patients. While your hands are often gloved, a handshake or hug could put your ring into contact with their sensitive skin. Rest easy knowing that if that happens, your ring is safe for contact.

Will Not Rip Gloves

Traditional metal rings, complete with prongs and sharp-cornered stones, can ring through latex gloves with ease. Even if your diamond, which can also cut glass, only punctures your glove vs. ripping a gash in it, any break in the barrier between your skin and a patient’s is not a good idea. QALO silicone rings are smooth and steady. They won’t catch on, poke through, and rip your gloves. That means that everyone stays clean and safe.

Easy To Clean

No more tiny nooks and crannies between tiny stones. Silicone rings are made from a single mold, meaning no alcoves for germs and biomatter to hide inside of. On top of that, your silicone ring is easily sterilized. Just use soap and warm water.

Easy To Replace

Silicone rings are made to last. They’re not weak, and they can take a hard day’s work. But that doesn’t mean that life won’t get in the way from time to time. That’s why the price point of a silicone ring can offer great peace of mind. If your ring needs to be replaced, it’s simple and affordable to get it done.

Moves With You

As a caregiver, your hands need to move fast. Often used to catch falling patients or items, you don’t have time to worry about your rings. Metal rings can become snagged on items, creating a real danger for your finger. But silicone rings move with you. They stretch with your fingers and bend when you do.

Breaks Away

Remember when we said silicone rings were the best rings for doctors and nurses because they move with you? That was only half of the story. The other half is that silicone rings will break. What may sound like a drawback to our design is actually one of our best selling points. When your ring gets into a bind, a situation that would cause your finger severe harm, your ring will break so that your finger does not. That makes them the perfect choice for people who use their hands to save lives in an environment that is anything but predictable.

Don’t think for a minute that safe means boring. QALO silicone rings are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs. In fact, we bet it’s easier to find a silicone ring that represents your personality than it is to find a traditional one that showcases who you are. Ready to put us to the test? Click here to shop our best sellers for men and women.