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    6 Reasons to Have Multiple Wedding Bands

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    6 Reasons to Have Multiple Wedding Bands

    When we think about wedding rings, we often think about a singular, cherished item rather than a symbol that might take many forms. But there’s a variety of ways to honor this tradition, and it doesn’t always come down to spending a big chunk of money on a single, irreplaceable piece of jewelry. For you, having multiple wedding rings may be the better, more practical option. Here are a few reasons why.

    1. To Keep Your Precious One Safe — Additional rings are not meant to replace or upstage the ring, meaning the one with which you said your vows. We’ve all got jewelry that we’d be devastated to lose. Whether it be a cherished wedding band or an irreplaceable heirloom from a loved one, these items are best left locked in the safe, making appearances on only the most special occasions. When you rock a less-precious backup ring (like one of our silicone rings), it’s not a disaster if it gets lost, stolen or messed up.

    2. To Create That ‘Stackable’ Look The stackable ring trend is here to stay and we are not mad about it! When you’ve got multiple wedding bands, you can create a one-of-a-kind look with stackable rings. The cool thing about stacking is that you can mix and match materials, textures and styles so it looks incredible and unique as a stacked set but also brings big style and personality when you wear each one individually.

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    3. To Lessen Wear on Your Original — When you have more options, you’re not putting so much pressure on your original wedding band, which usually holds a lot more sentimental value. The fact is that wearing your ring will cause some wear and tear, even if you’re as careful as possible. Cycling through rings can help lessen wear so your jewelry lasts longer. It also means you won’t have to clean your original as often, which can help prevent it from getting scratched, damaged or worn out from too much handling. 

    4. To Switch Things Up a Bit When you wear a piece of jewelry every day — as most of us do with our wedding bands — it can get a tiny bit boring. On the other hand, when you’ve got multiple options on the table, you never have to get sick of the same old thing. You might want to have a variety of materials and colors in your jewelry box so you can match your wedding band to your outfit, like you might your glasses or a tie.

    5. To Honor a Special Occasion — Sometimes, precious metals like gold and silver just don’t feel right for the occasion, and that’s OK. Maybe you’re going to a white party and take the dress code very seriously or perhaps you want to rock your favorite team colors from head to ring to toe for the big game. Maybe you want to rock a rainbow of stackable rings for Pride or a red and green pair for the holidays. Jewelry was made for special occasions, and who says your wedding ring can’t shapeshift?

    6. To Make Some Situations Safer One last thing to consider: Wearing traditional metal rings can be dangerous in certain environments, like when working with electricity or heavy machinery. Wearing traditional rings in the wrong situation can lead to very serious hazards, from electrocution and burns to severe injuries. The fact is, most rings were not made to be worn in demanding or hazardous environments. However, when you have a safer backup, such as a silicone ring, you never have to worry about those things. 

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    The wedding ring is something we wear day in and day out and then pass along to our children to cherish for another generation. And don’t get us wrong, we are definitely advocating that! In fact, wearing multiple rings throughout your life can actually preserve your keepsake jewelry for longer so it stays in the family. There are so many reasons to add a few more styles to your jewelry box and pick the right one each day.


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