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6 Tips to Creating a Perfect Silicone Stack

Stackable rings are a fashion trend that is showing no sign of fading away. What started with metal bands has expanded into silicone rings, bracelets, and even layered necklaces. We love this trend so much, but we totally get the stress that can come with playing with pairing colors, textures, and thicknesses. Here are six tips to create a flawless QALO stack this season.

1. Balance

The first thing to consider is balance. Having too many rings, too few rings, or rings that don’t blend well is the quickest way to ruin a stack. The easiest way to make sure you keep things in balance is to choose just one focal ring in your stack. That means one thick ring, or one bold color ring, or one engraved ring. Let the others compliment that ring.

2. Color Story

If you want to blend your favorite colors, go for it. But time and time again we see success in stacks when you stick to a color story. Focus on jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and amethyst for a real fall look. Or, showcase spring with a pastel stack. Another popular choice is shades of gray, white, and black!

3. Tips for Texture

When blending textured rings into your stack, remember the balance rule. If you want to have more than one piece with texture, make sure one is a bold texture, and the others are more subtle.

4. Play with Width

We love the idea of using one standard width ring in your stack. It’ll create asymmetry without throwing off your balanced look. Since the thick ring will be the focal point of your stack, make sure that you choose your boldest color or texture to be on the thicker ring. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a set that doesn’t come off as balanced.

5. Seasonal Favorites

Another super simple way to have a hit stack is to build one around seasonal colors. The Fourth of July is a perfect example. While pairing bold colors like red and blue can sometimes lead to an overpowering look, pairing them in the summer is welcomed and celebrated due to the major holiday. The same is true with a green, red, and white stack in winter. These pre-established colors are always a win!

6. Prestacked

When all else fails, choose a pre-stacked combination. Our designers put them together with current trends in mind so that you always look in style, on point, and smart. No one else has to know that you didn’t build this stack on your own. Here’s a look at our current prestacked sets.

When you’re ready to build your stack, start by using our online stack-builder tool. It’ll show you all of the rings that you love on one stack. This is, by far, the best way to make sure that you’re going to like the stack before you order it.

Ordered it and still don’t love it? It’s OK. It happens. We’re proud of you for trying something new. Feel free to return (within 30 days) or exchange (within 60 days) the ring in your stack that wasn’t perfect. Our Return and Exchange policy has you covered.