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7 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and to inspire us to take action to make our local communities better places to live. Over the years, it has also become a day that reminds us to celebrate the great outdoors and step out into nature.

However you and your loved ones plan to contribute this year, whether by volunteering, organizing a cleanup effort at your favorite park, planting a tree or something else altogether, we’d also like to encourage you to make time to do something active outdoors.

Looking for Earth Day activities for kids that you can do as a family? Or ones you can do on your own, with a partner or a group of friends? Check out a few of our favorite adventure-focused Earth Day activities below.


1. Go Camping
  • In our opinion, there aren’t many better ways to celebrate Earth Day than by spending a weekend camping in the great outdoors. With distractions like social media and work deadlines removed, camping enables you to focus on and appreciate the natural beauty around you. At this time of year, depending on where you live, a lot of campgrounds are just opening back up or are still offering first-come, first-serve sites before the summer season starts.

    Want some tips for camping responsibly? Visit a nearby Forest Service office and read the principles of the Leave No Trace program.

    2. Take a Nature Walk
    Take the kids or a group of friends out for a light hike or walk on local park trails, in the mountains or around a lake. Talk about and admire what you see around you and deepen your love for, and appreciation of, nature.  

    Remember to bring water and snacks to enjoy along the way, as well as a camera to capture the beautiful sights! If you have kids with you, encourage them to take photos as well. You can create a photo album or nature collage together afterward.  
    3. Declare a Car-Free Day
    Make a pact to leave the car at home for a day - or longer if you’re so inclined! Use other means of transportation to get around - bikes, scooters, inline skates and your own two feet are all excellent options!  

    Plan ahead to walk your kids to school, cycle to your yoga class or jog to the grocery store to pick up a few items. While it will take a little more time, the benefits will be well worth it.

    4. Visit a Dog Park

    Get your dog in on the Earth Day activities and head to a favorite or new dog park in your area. You and your dog will have a ton of fun running around, playing fetch or just walking together.

    5. Practice Yoga Outdoors

    If you take yoga classes at a local studio or gym, find out if your yoga teacher would be able to hold a class outside and end the class with a meditation and offering of gratitude to the earth. Practicing yoga in a natural setting with fresh air is an uplifting experience and Earth Day is the perfect time to do it.

    6. Go Geocaching

    Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity where you follow coordinates by using the geocache app (you can get a free app or upgrade to a paid version) and find a hidden “treasure”.  Typically, once you find the treasure, you write your name on a piece of paper in the hidden container.

    Geocaching is a great activity for all ages so, whether you go with your kids or a group of friends - or bring both kids and friends - everyone will have a blast.

    New to geocaching? Learn more about it here and be prepared to get hooked!

    7. Hit the Trails

    Whether you bike, hike or run, it’s pretty tough not to be in awe of all the gifts nature gives us when we’re out on the trails. If you’re really feeling adventurous while you’re out? Let nature help you incorporate strength training along the way. Stop to do some pull-ups on low branches or use stumps and boulders for step-ups.

    Which of these Earth Day activities is your favorite? Let us know in the comments which one you plan on doing or if you have something else planned to celebrate this special day.