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    8 Creative Wedding Ring Photo Ideas

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    8 Creative Wedding Ring Photo Ideas

    You spent all that time carefully choosing and customizing your wedding rings, and they definitely deserve a full-fledged photoshoot! You don't have to source a whole team of professional photographers or hire a hand-makeup artist (is that a thing?). But, a few well-devised selfies will showcase your show-stoppers in all their glory. As purveyors of the best silicone wedding rings, here at QALO, we get to see a ton of creative wedding ring photos. We'd love to share some of the most creative shots with you for inspo. Here are some of our faves.

    1. In Front of a Stunning Backdrop — We don’t want to take away from the beauty of your rings, but snapping some shots in front of a gorgeous natural landscape is definitely a good way to go. Spend time during the honeymoon to admire your rings as you take in the sights. A mountain range, a beach, a lake or even your favorite park would make a smashing backdrop for your rings. 

    2. With Your Pet — We’re not sure about you, but we think cute pets make pictures way better. One of our favorite wedding ring photo motifs is the stacked hand-paw pic — two ringed human hands and one furry puppy (or kitty) paw stacked on top. Rings balanced on your puppy's nose are always hard to resist, too. Be sure to follow #QALODogs on Insta for some more inspo.

    Holding Hands with wedding rings

    3. Holding Hands — You’ll need another person to help you with this one, but the result will be so worth it. Hold hands with your partner, rings facing the camera. Point the camera directly ahead and shoot. This is another example of a pose where you could take advantage of a beautiful background if you want.

    4. At the Gym — If you and your spouse are the sporty types, we’d recommend getting in on the gym-wedding-photo trend (see here). A closeup of your hands wrapped around a free weight or the handles of a stationary bike says a lot about your union and breaks from the norm at the same time. Just make sure you don’t wear your precious metal rings — now’s the time for your silicone bands to shine!

    rings in the grass

    5. In the Grass — Sometimes the simplest backdrops make the biggest impact. We’re all about the au natural look when it comes to showcasing stunning jewelry, especially if there’s some interesting coloring or dimension to make it pop. For an extra-special touch, shoot somewhere that means something to the two of you, like at the park where you had your first date or in the yard of your first home.

    6. In a Flower — Let’s keep this nature theme going! Have you seen the super-trendy shots of wedding rings inside flowers? This is a fun way to bring some color and personality to your wedding ring photo shoot. You can intertwine your wedding theme and use blooms from your bouquet.

    rings on a branch

    7. On a Branch — This one is for all the outdoorsy couples out there! Bring an earthy vibe to your pics by stringing rings on a tree branch or twig. In the spring or summer, you can stick them on a blossoming tree for a softer, more colorful vibe. In the winter, pop them on the Christmas tree for a fabulously festive feel!

    8. Floating in Water or Underwater — Definitely do not toss your wedding ring into any body of water of any sort at any time (unless it’s attached to your body!) With that said, if you can hire a photographer or a friend with some skills, have them capture you and your spouse holding hands while floating in the water. But, remember to emphasize the rings. We also love to see couples take their QALO rings deep into the sea!

    Cherish the Moment Forever

    underwater photo

    Getting snapshots of your rings will help you remember your big day forever. Plus, it adds something unique and exciting to your wedding album that you can share with family and friends years down the road. Oh yeah, and these shots make a great choice for framed pics in your house, too. Be sure to share your pics with the #QALO hashtag to show us what you come up with!


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