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Puppy Games For Kids & Puppies

Written By: Admin Winbg

Puppy Games For Kids & Puppies

A kid and his dog. It’s a classic part of childhood for so many of us. But sometimes you’ve got all of the ingredients to bake a cake, but you’re missing the how-to instructions. If you’re looking for new ways to help your child bond with his or her furry friend, here are our eight favorite games that engage man (or woman) and his best friend.

1. Hide & Seek

Great for kids and even better with pets! Start by holding your dog while your child hides. Be sure the child hides in a place that the dog can realistically find him to keep things fair. Then encourage your child to call “Come!” to the dog until he finds your child! This is a game and training session all rolled into one

2. Take a Walk

Kids love to explore almost as much as young dogs. Head out for a brief stroll together. Use the time to teach the dog (and your child) about proper walking etiquette. When the puppy and your child are ready, hand the reins over for a real coming of age moment.

3. Follow the Leader

Teach your young child about proper puppy interactions by playing a game of following the leader. Examples include learning how and where to pet the dog, and how to give the dog verbal praise in an appropriate tone and language.

4. Go for a Swim!

Most dogs love to swim, especially if introduced to the sport as a puppy. Start with brief stints in the water to avoid exhaustion. It’s also not a bad idea to use appropriate life preservers as your dog gains stamina and ability swimming.  

5. Chill Town

Encourage your child to play near the dog, but without touching the pet. Also, work on encouraging the dog to not engage the child. Learning side by side, the independent play will be helpful for when your child has peers over.

6. Fetch

It’s a classic for a reason! Be sure to use a soft toy, as sticks can hurt a dog’s gums, and take plenty of rest breaks for water and cuddles!  

7. My Baby!

Teach the dog to sit when you step in front of your child in a protective manner. This can help create appropriate distancing and behavior for future encounters with strangers, and your child will get a kick out of the dog respecting your ownership over him or her.  


8. Trick Train

With a bag of small treats for positive reinforcement, work on simple commands like sit, stay, and shake. Dogs love to receive that positive reinforcement of cuddles or treats, and kids will love feeling like they’re in charge of someone.

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