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    8 Unique Gifts for Hunters

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    8 Unique Gifts for Hunters

    Finding the perfect gift for any hunters in your life can take a lot of patience. It takes time to find the right one. You’re in luck, though, since we “hunted” for all the best gifts to give your favorite hunters! Whether it’s tools for them to use on a hunting trip or something that represents their love of the sport, we know they’ll love any of these gifts. 

    1. A Ring to Wear on Hunting Trips: When they’re on their monthly or annual hunting trips, hunters might find themselves in some risky situations. Whether it’s standing in a swamp or crawling through brush, it’s important they have durable jewelry that won’t get destroyed from a little time outdoors. Our unique Realtree silicone rings feature fun, hunting-themed designs that will solidify not only their commitment to the outdoors but also to your marriage. They’re available in natural shades, too, such as olive and moss, to symbolize the beauty of the woodsy landscape.

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    2. A Knife to Add to the Collection: Every hunter needs a good hunting knife – or five! Give your hunter another knife to use for a variety of tasks and activities while he or she is spending time in the wilderness. Find one that’s got a good handle that will last the test of time. And for a special touch, have it engraved. Our favorites usually have multiple blades to really ensure it can be used for practically anything.

    3. A Set of Waders to Wander In: Waders help keep hunters from getting too dirty, and it keeps their legs and body safe from whatever might be crawling or swimming in creeks or marshes (and by “whatever,” we mean snakes, eels and alligators!). He or she will be so glad to know that you care about their safety while they’re out hunting with friends. While the best ones will cost a pretty penny, we think that you can never truly put a price on safety.

    Pro tip: our rings are safe to get wet, so make sure your hunter wears a silicone ring if they know the hunting trip might include some wet environments.

    hunter observing

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    4. Binoculars to Spy a Worthy Target: A good hunter needs to be able to see the target from far distances, so why not get them a pair of quality binoculars? Take it a step further and go for a pair of compact binoculars that will help him or her see far distances, but won’t be too bulky to lug around with all his other hunting gear. Plus, your hunter can use them outside of hunting season if you both like to do other nature activities, such as birdwatching.

    5. A Rifle Safe to Ensure No One Gets Hurt: When not hunting, rifles and other ammunition should be safely stored away, especially away from children. Invest in a quality rifle safe that uses high-end technology to ensure that only the owners of the rifles can have access to them. While it might seem like a hassle at first to always have to unlock the safe to get to the gear, at the end of the day, they’ll eventually be grateful that you want them to be as safe as possible.

    portable charger 

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    6. A Portable Charger so He or She Can Check-In: Even if the hunting weekend is the time to disconnect and recharge, it’s important that your hunter checks in with you at least once while he or she is there so you know they are safe and doing okay. Get your hunter a camo portable charger to not only capture their love of hunting but also ensure he or she can keep all the necessary devices charged and ready for use. Some portable chargers even come with cool features, such as lantern lighting. 

    7. A Mug to Enjoy Coffee – or Whiskey! Take it back to the frontier days with a tin mug or two for your hunter and his and her buddies to use while winding down in front of the fire. You can even have them personalized for that extra special touch. If you can’t find any tin mugs for the authentic camping experience, a ceramic campfire mug will do just fine. They’re perfect for ensuring that liquids don’t spill over the edges of the mug as easily as regular mugs!

    8. A Surveillance Camera Set to Spot Targets: There’s nothing worse for a hunter than sitting all day in a spot just to not get any hits. By giving a surveillance camera to set up, especially a motion-activated one, he or she can multitask during the hunting trip. If they’re busy setting up the tent when the sensor goes off, they can pause and go hunt some wildlife before returning to finish his or her task. 


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