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9 Veterans Day Gift Ideas

Written By: QALO Inc.

9 Veterans Day Gift Ideas

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Veterans Day is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a gift to give any of the veterans in your life, we’ve put together a list filled with great ideas. Even if your vet is retired or no longer with us, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Veterans Day! Here are some of our favorite Veterans Day gift ideas.

1. A Photo Frame: Pictures really are worth a thousand words! Say all that and more with a personalized photo frame for your veteran. Consider one that you can have engraved with their branch of service, their enlistment date or their name. Giving them something personal will really show how much you care about them. 

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2. A Durable Ring: If your veteran is currently working a job that requires a lot of work with their hands or might be considered high risk – such as serving as a first responder – consider giving them a durable wedding ring to wear during their shifts! We have a large selection of unique military silicone rings, all crafted with your veteran in mind. Don’t forget: If you validate your military ID to us, our U.S. military rings to you and your veteran are free! 

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3. An E-reader: Perfect for veterans, active duty and dependants, E-readers are lightweight, easy to use and can easily store hundreds of books. Your vet will be so thankful they have something lightweight to take with them wherever they go. They can put all their favorite books, from fiction to historical accounts of prior military battles, on an E-reader.

4. A Shadow Box: For your retired military veteran, a shadow box is the perfect way to commemorate their service. They can fill it with all their medals, ribbons and coins, plus the folded flag given to them at the end of their ceremony. Some shadow boxes are large enough that they hold caps or other pieces of their uniform. Shadow boxes are great for veterans because it’s a simple way they can show off their commitment to serving the country. 

5. A Watch: Many veterans wear watches – usually still in military time! Get your vet a watch this year, and don’t forget to personalize it! Whether you engrave it with their initials, a favorite quote of theirs or a song lyric you both love, getting your gifts personalized will serve as a testament to your love for them.

6. Custom Dog Tags: Dog tags are given to service members when they start active duty. Over time, some service members lose theirs or damage them. Plus, they typically only have basic identification information, so they aren’t very personal. For your veteran this year, get them a pair of custom dog tags. You can have whatever information you’d like etched into them, such as their branch of service. Since your vet doesn’t need to wear them, you can add other things, such as the birthdates of your kids or your wedding anniversary!

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7. Athletic Gear: Veterans are conditioned to stay fit. Most of them had to meet physical fitness standards throughout their entire service career. Those habits don’t quit once they leave the service, especially if they transition to another physical career. This includes first responders, doctors or even government contractors. Get them a pair of running shoes, a water bottle, weights or other types of athletic gear so they can continue on their fitness journey long past retirement. 

8. An Ornament: To commemorate their service during the holiday season, get your veteran a personalized military Christmas ornament. They’ll love having a special place on the tree to show their service. Try to find one you can add their branch of service, their years of service or their position. It’ll be a great addition to your tree for years to come.

9. A Book of Letters: If you’ve kept the letters the two of you exchanged over the years, why not turn them into a book? Probably one of our favorite heartfelt gifts for your veteran, you can take all the letters sent between the two of you, categorize them chronologically and have them bound so you can present him with your love story. Those letters probably got him through every deployment and moment away from you, so having all the letters neatly arranged that he can access whenever he wants is one of the best gifts you can give. 

Veterans Day is the perfect holiday to show some extra love to your veteran. Whether it’s a unique ornament or a sentimental personal gift, your vet will love whatever you give. 

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