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A “Happy Marriage” For Hunters – Tyler Frantz

Written By: Nicole Browning

A “Happy Marriage” For Hunters – Tyler Frantz

Written By: Tyler Frantz 

I enjoy many things in life but really only have two true loves – my family and the outdoors.

When I married my beautiful wife, Erin, six years ago, I realized she was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Now, we are blessed with an amazing two-year-old son, and my love and appreciation for having both of them in my life has never been stronger.

That’s why it’s important for me to always wear my love for them on my sleeve- or more accurately, on my finger- to show my commitment to the marriage that binds our family together.

But the rugged outdoors lifestyle I live isn’t always conducive to wearing the shiny titanium wedding band we picked out prior to our wedding. Sure, it looks great when I’m all dressed up for special occasions, but it isn’t the most practical for hitting the autumn woodlot in archery season or working with my hands around the farm.

That’s why I prefer to wear QALO silicone wedding rings when I’m pursuing my outdoor passions.

The new Men’s Camo Q2X™ Step Edge Silicone Ring was intricately designed for flexibility and style, featuring a flat silhouette for added comfort and functionality, and QALO’s exclusive Q2X™ silicone material, which ensures the ring will stand up to the toughest environments.

Not only do I love the look and comfort of wearing the ring, but as a bowhunter, it’s a major plus that the non-porous matte ring material doesn’t glare, so deer won’t pick me out on a sunny day. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about the ring clanging or scratching when it makes contact with my metal climbing sticks while ascending or descending the tree stand.

But the greatest feature of all is most definitely the safety aspect. If I were to have an accident while wearing my titanium ring, it could potentially pinch, crush or even tear off my finger before breaking. With QALO silicone rings, I need not fear that scenario, because the ring would simply break at the solid resistance if it were to ever get hung up.

If you think an accident like this won’t happen, think again. I grew up with a father who only has four and a half fingers. When he was 27 years-old, he hopped out of the bed of a grain truck, but his gold wedding band caught on the rim of the bed wall. As his body weight carried him to ground level, his ring finger (which suffered the brunt of the snag) was almost fully degloved. The hospital did what they could to save half of his finger, but it is certainly an accident that could have been avoided had he been wearing a QALO ring at the time.

Not only are they safe, affordable, comfortable and lightweight, but their stylish look is very versatile. My wife wears hers while exercising, at the beach, working in the garden, and she has even dressed up the Stackable Collection to wear to church.

I regularly wear mine for soccer games, hunting, fishing, and while woodworking or doing chores around the barn. I’ve also been complimented several times just wearing them to work or out on the town- because let’s face it- a camo wedding ring is pretty darn cool, and it certainly catches people’s attention. It’s just another way for me to let the whole world know that I love my wife, and I love the outdoors.

I’m a huge fan of QALO silicone rings, and I’d recommend them to anyone with a rugged and active lifestyle like me. They are definitely a happy marriage for hunters, so be sure put one on your fall hit-list and fully “commit to the outdoors.”

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