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    Are QALO Silicone Rings Safe & Environmentally Friendly?

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Are QALO Silicone Rings Safe & Environmentally Friendly?

    QALO was founded by two lovers of the great outdoors. QALO silicone rings empower you to explore the furthest reaches of nature on your next hike or during your next scuba session. Immersed in the ocean, you may see a stream of plastic waste, or while stopping to refill your water bottle in the forest, you may come across a pile of trash clumsily left behind by a camper. 

    At QALO, we greatly value the conservation of our resources and safeguarding the planet. We work tirelessly to create silicone products that are eco-friendly and safe to use. So, before you decide to wear a QALO ring, discover how silicone products impact the environment.

    What Are QALO Rings and Products Made From?

    QALO rings, dog ID tags, teething necklaces, and other products are constructed from 100% medical-grade silicone. At first glance, you may assume silicone is a type of plastic, but that’s not the case – silicone is a polymer consisting of silica, oxygen, and other elements. Silica is the most common substance on the Earth’s surface, forming everything from sand to glass. Silica is the main component of more than 95 percent of all known rocks

    Silicone is naturally resistant to salt, moisture, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and pressure. Silicone is used for many practical applications, from bakeware to our signature rings.

    Is Silicone Safe & Eco-Friendly?

    Silicone is more inert than plastic, meaning it won’t leech components into water or its environment. This is crucial for the safety of marine life – when plastics biodegrade, they release estrogen-like chemicals into the sea that harm fish and other animals. 

    Plastic breaks down into smaller fragments that attract the attention of birds and other creatures, who can die after consuming bits of plastic that build up inside their digestive system. Silicone does not fragment like plastic, is ocean-safe, and does not represent a toxic threat to wildlife. 

    Silicone is recyclable and is transformed into non-hazardous materials when burned for reuse. When it’s time to dispose of your rings, take care not to throw them in your recycling bin without doing some research. Some curbside recycling programs do not accept silicone. You may have to find a designated drop off location where you live to ensure your QALO products are properly recycled. 

    Is Silicone Safe?

    In terms of wearing QALO rings, the silicone we use is non-hazardous, lightweight, and malleable. The factors that make silicone environmentally-friendly also make them safe for the average consumer to wear. Silicone is a great alternative material for married individuals with allergies or sensitivities to metal that can cause rashes and irritation. 

    Silicone doesn’t get scratched or dented like metal, naturally repels sticky materials, and is quite resilient when you’re exercising, adventuring, or finishing up some hard work. Silicone is designed to break after a certain amount of pressure, so you don’t have to worry about serious ring-related injuries like ring avulsion. Silicone rings are not only safe – they’re recommended for high-intensity activities and jobs where metal rings present an obvious safety hazard.

    What About Traditional Metal Rings?

    You might assume that traditional engagement rings and wedding bands are environmentally-friendly, but the phrase “blood diamond” was coined for a reason. Mining precious metals like diamonds can destroy the environment and exploit vulnerable workers. Many newlyweds are turning away from traditional stones as part of a larger culture shift that takes into account the humane treatment of indigenous people affected by questionable mining practices. 


    A great alternative to traditional metal bands are QALO rings that are manufactured without endangering workers or the environment. Check out our newest arrivals to find the perfect design and color scheme for your next order of eco-friendly silicone rings.


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