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    Baby Shower Gift Guide

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Baby Shower Gift Guide

    Oh, baby! If you’re struggling to find the perfect baby shower gift, know that you’re not alone. It’s hard to sort through pages upon pages of a baby registry to find the perfect gift that is something unique, memorable, affordable, and totally useful. We get it. That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you. Here are our ten favorite baby shower gifts, and why we love them.

    1. Silicone Teething Necklace

    A silicone teether is a great gift to give. This is a gift that gives mom peace of mind about the safety and comfort of her child. Silicone teething necklaces are easy to clean, soothing for baby, and incredibly safe. When mom wears the necklace, it encourages more skin-to-skin time, too. Make it unique and safe by choosing a QALO silicone teething necklace, here.

    2. Diapers

    This is sort of a must gift item for a baby shower. It’s an easy gift to give, and most people at the shower will give the same gift. Here’s how to make yours stand out. Give larger sizes. Without a doubt, mom and dad are about to receive countless packages of newborn size diapers. Gifting them a larger size now is a gift that they’ll really appreciate in several months when other gifts have run out, and they could really use help with diaper money.

    3. Wipe Warmer

    Think for a moment about how much fun it is to wake up in the middle of a deep slumber in order to use the restroom. Now imagine you only wake up once you’ve already soiled your pants. On top of that, the only way to clean it up is with a cold, wet cloth to your bare bottom. I think we’ve just painted a perfect picture of why every new parent needs a wipe warmer.

    4. Bumbo Seat

    A Bumbo is a seat that allows babies as young as three months to sit upright safely on their own. These things have about one thousand and one uses. You can place them in the tub while bathing baby to help keep baby upright and in a safer position or you can buy the tray accessory to turn the chair into an easy high chair. Babies love sitting in these things, so this will quickly become a favorite accessory. We recommend a neutral color, as this is one item that will last and be useful for several kids in a row.

    5. The Perfect  Blanket

    Every child has a favorite blanket. This becomes a nostalgic gift that is simple to give, and that means that mom and dad are likely to wind up with plenty of blankets. Make your stand out in a crowd by choosing one that is incredibly soft and able to grow with the child. Our Sherpa baby blankets fit the bill perfectly. Shop them, here.

    6. Breastfeeding Supplies

    If you know that the mom-to-be plans to breastfeed, help her out by providing breastfeeding supplies. These are not always expensive items, but due to cultural taboo, women are very rarely gifted these necessary items. If you’re up for facing the taboo, these are items that will be much appreciated. Don’t overthink it, no one is asking you to buy the pricey pump. Storage bags, nipple cream, and thera-shells will be greatly appreciated.

    7. Bottle Sanitizer

    Not a bottle brush, but a full-fledged countertop steam sterilizer. It’ll help with bottles pacifiers and breast pump cleaning supplies. Sterilizers like the Wabi are often seen as an unnecessary expense by new parents … until they buy one. These items save time and offer peace of mind to new parents. It is a very generous and kind gift to give.

    8. Halo Wraps

    Help mom and dad get a great night sleep by allowing their newborn to sleep more peacefully. Halo or Summer Infant sleep wraps hold baby tightly, similar to how they were held in the womb. This allows baby to sleep more quickly and more soundly. Another gift that is often underestimated until it is used, sleep sacks and wraps are a new parent’s best friend.

    9. Toddler Clothes

    There are few things cuter than newborn baby clothes. And that means that the parents-to-be will be receiving a lot of them. Fun fact? Many newborns will outgrow these gift items well before they’ve even been worn. A trip to any children’s consignment shop will prove this! Instead, give the parents clothes for age 12 or 18 months. By that age, all of the gifting of clothes has all but stopped. This ensures that your gift will be special and worn many times.

    10. Cash

    We understand why you may not want to give cash. It can feel impersonal. But we can promise you that this is a gift that won’t offend. Giving cash allows new parents to purchase the items that may have gone unpurchased by others, or to buy things that they didn’t realize that they would need in the first place. Giving $50 in a card is a gift that says, “I trust your parenting skills,” and lets the new parents choose what they really need.

    One last unique thought? Why not include a QALO customized ring with your gift? It’s something special for mom and dad that can be engraved with the name of their coming child (if known) or an expected due date. Since wedding rings can become difficult to wear in late pregnancy, this could wind up being the kindest gift you could ever offer the mom-to-be. Shop our customized rings, here.


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