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Backpacking Friendly Snacks: Granola Recipes

Fall may just be our favorite season of all for hiking. It’s still warm enough to negate the need for layers while having just enough bite in the air to keep your comfortable. The trees are beginning to change color and the rainy season has not arrived quite yet. The trails are still filled with life, but the human foot traffic has already begun to decline.

We love granola snacks for these fall hikes. It is perfect for snacking, and ideal for adding on top of yogurt or oatmeal before (or after!) hitting the trail. Here are a few links to our favorite granola recipes for fall.

Joes Hiking Granola- We love this one for its incorporation of goji berries. They’re a super food and packed with antioxidants.  You’ll love the touch of sweet without added candies.

Fall Spice Granola- The trick to this one is replacing standard syrup with molasses. The thicker binding agent lends itself nicely to the heavier flavors of fall. Tying together bold spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, this recipe works in vanilla, ginger, and cardamom as well. For the perfect finish, top it off with sliced fall fruit like apples or pears.

Maple Pecan Granola- With just nine ingredients in the mix, this one is super simple and rarely requires an extra outing to the grocery store. Most items are things any baker has on hand in fall, and when put together, transform into one of the better fall granolas out there. We credit this to the blending of maple syrup with pecans and pumpkin seeds. It’s the perfect salty-sweet snack.

PSG- In case you are unfamiliar with fall lingo, a PS anything is in high demand. Standing for pumpkin spice, this granola pairs the hottest spices of the season with pumpkin, which is a mainstay of fall flavor. Dried cranberries come out to play with pumpkin seeds and maple syrup in this recipe that we love for topping off Greek yogurt.

Vegan- Dairy Free GranolaFor those on a special diet restriction, we love the bold flavors found in this vegans and dairy-free version of granola. You’ll find all of the same fall spice flavors but paired with a few new seeds like flax. The flavor is rich and complemented perfectly by coconut yogurt. 

DIY GranolaIf nothing on our list is doing it for you, or if you just feel a little adventurous, check this out. It’s a cut and paste recipe builder that allows you to create your own custom granola. The recipe gives you guidance on what sorts of things play nicely together but is a general outline that can be used to create any type of granola that you can dream up. The only limitation here is your imagination.

We’d love to see some snapshots of your fall treks! Tag @QALO and be sure to share them with us on Instagram!