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    Best Travel Destinations for Summer 2019

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Best Travel Destinations for Summer 2019

    As we flip on the news, we can’t help but notice that winter didn’t seem to get the memo from Punxsutawney Phil. The winter storms are still raging, the snow is still falling, and frankly? We’re ready for some warmth. While skiing is fun, we’re daydreaming about sun, sand, and surf. So we took a minute to come up with five fantastic places to take a summer trip in 2019.

    1. Cuba

    The long-held travel embargo has been lifted for a few summers now, and people are starting to feel comfortable traveling to this once forbidden land. You’ll still have to put a little extra work into getting there, though. Americans will need a Visa, and they’re not super simple to get. You’ll need to be traveling on a service project itinerary, or, take a cruise! Cruise lines will acquire your $75 Visa for you, and then you’ll spend a full day (sometimes two) in Cuba exploring the rich history and culture.

    2. Colombia

    Specifically, Cartegena. This little gem is quickly gaining popularity, and if you don’t visit in 2019, you’re likely to miss the chance to visit this country while it is still an undiscovered oasis. The US dollar is so strong when compared to the Colombian Peso that your budget can easily get you onto a private island or into a five-star all-inclusive resort. Most people speak at least broken English, and some of the offshore islands are really spectacular. Don’t wait on this one! 

    3. Iceland

    Iceland remains HOT. Even though the idea of ice isn’t so exciting right now, Iceland deserves your attention in the summer months for sure. Summers are about 60 degrees and if you go close to the summer solstice, the sun literally never sets. Iceland offers plenty of “campervan” rentals so that you can drive the entire “ring road,” camping as you go. You’ll find scenery from another world, random hot springs alongside the road, and waterfalls from your wildest dreams. Fun fact? Iceland is the only country on Earth without mosquitoes. Now that’s a summer travel bonus!

    4. Egypt

    This is far from an up and coming location. In fact, this part of North Africa has been a tourist hot spot for centuries. So why is it on our list for 2019? Well, because the country’s tourism industry has taken a hit in recent years over concerns of security. While travelers have been slow to return, the country has been working hard on improving security, and travel vendors have been working hard to entice people to return. Together, those two things add up to amazing deals and lower than average tourist traffic. 2019 could be a great year to make this amazing voyage!

    5. Machu Pichu

    Another amazing place to get to? Machu Pichu in Peru. Why in 2019? There is another total solar eclipse schedule for this summer, and it’s going to pass pretty close to Machu Pichu. While the ruins will only encounter a partial eclipse, it’ll still be pretty amazing to see the eclipse from this vantage point. The eclipse will happen over the July 4th holiday, falling on July 2nd. This timing makes travel to the ancient site even more enticing. It’s a once in a lifetime trip on an average year, but in 2019 it’s probably more like once in a century trip. You’re not the only one eyeing these dates though, so if you want to watch the sky go black in the home of the Mayan people, you’d better book soon.

    Once you’re booked and ready to go, don’t forget to pack a fresh QALO! Grab something in a bright and bold summer color to get you excited for your upcoming trip. Then, when you’re on the beach, don’t forget to snap a photo and tag us @QALO



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