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    Breast Cancer Awareness Rings: Celebrate & Support

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Rings: Celebrate & Support

    October is more than just the month of ghosts and goblins. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For 31 days, the National Breast Cancer Foundation will run their annual campaign to raise awareness, share educational material, and enlist volunteers for their support services. 

    As part of our ongoing commitment to raise awareness for breast cancer, QALO encourages our customers to switch up their style and sport a vivid pink silicone ring during the month of October.

    Why Is Pink the Color for Breast Cancer Awareness?

    The emergence of symbolic ribbons began in 1979 during the Iranian hostage crisis, when a wife tied a yellow ribbon around the tree in her front yard to show her desire for her husband’s safe return. Red ribbons were worn onstage at the 1990 Tony Awards to represent those affected by AIDS. Ribbons have been used for activism and awareness campaigns ever since.

    Pink ribbons were first distributed at the 1991 Komen New York City Race for the Cure®. Survivors and participants in the race wore the ribbons to show solidarity and call attention to their cause. Now the color pink is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. 

    Make a Difference

    There are plenty of ways you and your family can get involved during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Survivors can take part in clinical trials and research studies. You can organize an online fundraiser and share it across social media channels. Families can bond by volunteering at fundraising events or writing cards to people fighting breast cancer.

    Not sure where to start? Make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation — financial gifts are used to provide free mammograms, fund Patient Navigation Programs, and provide resources to those diagnosed with breast cancer. At least 80% of the proceeds go directly to programs supporting patients through every step of their breast cancer journey.

    Wear a Pink QALO Ring

    Don’t sacrifice your personality or sense of style to find a suitable Breast Cancer Awareness ring. You can sport any of these fashionable silicone rings during to show your support all month long: 

    Classic Pink Silicone Ring — Highlight a cause that’s important to you by wearing our high-performance, top-quality original silicone ring at a Breast Cancer Awareness event. The vibrant shade of pink is ideal for promotions and for serving as a conversation-starter.

    Stackable Rings — Accessorize any professional, sporty, or rugged look during October with unique stackable ring designs available in signature pink hues. Shine a light on a worthy cause with a fashion-forward combination of stackable rings like the Pink Topaz Chevron Stackable Ring, Neon Pink Twist Stackable Ring, and the Pastel Pink Eternity Silicone Ring.

    Modern Pink Silicone Ring — Our modern silicone rings boast a flat silhouette for added comfort and functionality. Support family and friends affected by breast cancer with a pink ring made from our exclusive Q2X™ silicone material.

      Complete your celebratory or commemorative outfit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an eye-catching pink silicone ring from QALO constructed to withstand all of life’s toughest demands. This October skip the black and orange — go pink to help support breast cancer awareness.



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