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    We Thought Every Day Was "Bring Your Dog To Work Day"

    Written By: Nicole Browning

    We Thought Every Day Was

    According to the official calendar, the Friday following Father’s Day is "Bring Your Dog To Work Day." At the QALO office, every day is "Bring Your Dog To Work Day!" Times can get ruff when you're consistently working to the bone, so we look to our loyal companions for pawsitive reinforcement. Scroll on to meet a few of our office regulars!


    Chief Executive Pawficer

    Don’t let the slippers fool you, this guy is the true leader of the pack. Stirling is the first to help us get things back pup and running in no time when the times get tough.

    Termi & Desmo

    Director of Furnance & Accounts Retreivable

    This dream team keeps things running smoothly. Termi works tirelessly, typing away until the wee hours of the night (see video proof here), while Desmo is quick to hound everyone for invoices.

    Harvey & Junior

    Lab Report Analysts

    These two brothers work their tails off crunching numbers. We're missing seeing Harvey around the office, as he's currently on pawternity leave (his humans, Lindsey & Drew, are expecting a little one any minute now).


    Head of Security & Surveillance

    Indi was a shoe-in for this ruff job, as her piercing blue eyes are impossible to say no to. She is the first to notice any new faces in the barking lot, and goes for an intensive sniff down before allowing visitors to enter the building.


    Chief Greeting Officer

    Lucca stops by to say “what’s up dawg” to each human in the office every day. However, she definitely has her favorites. To ensure that she does stop by to see you, we recommend keeping dog treats at your desk. You know, fur good measure.


    Toy Durability Analyst 

    That’s the grin of a true scientist. Barley is the master of his craft - testing each toy that comes through our office (even if it does not belong to him), to ensure that only the most pawsome of toys are sprawled across the QALO floors.


    Shipping Correspawndent

    Champ deserves a round of appaws, because he was recently promoted to this position after excelling as our Official Stamp Licker. He’s keen on always adding his special touch to each package we ship out, even though we’ve asked him to hold it back a little. To issue a complaint about your order being covered in dog slobber, please be sure to reach out to our team of Problem Solvers here.


    Designated Workout Pawtner

    Jax is the one who keeps us from getting a little husky. He’s a regular in the QALO gym, as you can see above. From downward dog to rope climbs (or rope tug-of-war), he is committed to making sure we’re always in our best shape.



    The Intern

    This girl really just loves to raise the woof. We’re actually not totally sure how she got hired on. Her dad must have gotten her the job or something (ahem, KC).


    We want to meet your dog, too! Be sure to share any fun photos & videos using the hashtag #QALOdogs. Pooches gracias! 


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