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Celebrate Memorial Day With Our New Americana Collection

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Celebrate Memorial Day With Our New Americana Collection

Every year, on the last Monday in May, we celebrate Memorial Day to remember all of those who have passed in defending the United States. Many also mark this day as the unofficial start to summer. For Memorial Day this year, we’re celebrating America and honoring those who serve with items from our limited release Americana line.

The Americana collection, which is available on May 24th, is a limited-time, exclusive, collection of products designed with patriotism in mind. The Americana silicone rings feature bold colors and smart design, making them unique enough to show off your pride and flexible enough to hold up anywhere you may take them. This makes them perfect for your memorial day celebration, no matter if its filled with a backyard bbq, some family fun, or just downtime honoring heroes.

The new collection features items for the entire family. The Americana silicone ring line will include stackable ring sets so you can mix and match your favorite red, white, and blue combinations as well as a brand new silicone ring featuring classic American pinstripes, available for both men and women, and finally, a unique and bold USA ring from our Strata collection, that comes in two different patterns and color combinations.

Of course, no patriotic outfit is complete without the right apparel. This year, QALO is launching a line of t-shirts and hats perfect for celebrating the occasion.  

We’re so proud to kick off this summer season supporting those who have chosen to commit their lives to the service of their country. We hope you’ll join us this May 28th as we pay tribute to those who have given their lives while serving their country.

Shop our Americana collection and get ready for the occasion!


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