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Celebrate National Cuddle Up Day

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Celebrate National Cuddle Up Day

With winter in full swing, the days are short and the temperature is low. It isn’t always pleasant to be outside, and even when it is, coming indoors to a warm, cozy sofa is really appealing. Perhaps that’s the motivation behind National Cuddle Up Day.

Yes, you heard that right. National Cuddle Up Day. It’s celebrated annually on January 6th.

They’ve really created a holiday for everything, haven’t they? Cuddle first showed up in the English language in the 1500s, and then some 500 years later, Portland Oregon hosted the first ever World Cuddle-Con in 2015. Ever since then, people have been cuddling up just like these cute kiddos every January 6th.  Turns out, though, that there are real benefits to cuddling up on a cold day. Check it out.

The mere act of being close in contact with another human being, particularly if you like them, releases the hormone oxytocin into our blood. This “happiness” hormone has the primary goal of alleviating pain. Also released during sex, exercise, laughter, and when we receive verbal praise, this hormone has been nicknamed the feel-good hormone. And cuddling releases it. Want proof? Check out this adorable tyke, cuddled up and totally zen.

In addition to just feeling good, the release of all that oxytocin is also beneficial to your health. Research has shown that it has a positive impact on stress, anxiety, and addiction. It also has been proven to lower your risk of heart disease and reduce your blood pressure. So there you have it, scientifically proven, cuddling not only makes you feel good, but it’s also good for you!

With that in mind, this year we encourage you to actively take part in National Cuddle Up Day, just like this the momma and her baby.  

One more thought? This day doesn’t have to be about lovers. You can get the positive benefits of cuddling by spending some time with your fur-babies, too. And if you’re pet-free at the moment, scheduling a nice massage will also yield the benefits you’re seeking!

So, just like this adorable baby, we encourage you to cuddle up this January 6th. And if you’re doing it with a QALO blanket, even better. Share your #cuddleupday pics with us on social media. Don’t forget to tag us!


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