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Celebrate National Nurses Week

Written By: Nicole Browning

Celebrate National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week, celebrated annually from May 6 through May 12, is here! The purpose of this week-long event is to recognize the significant role nurses play in the healthcare industry, the contributions they make to their communities and the differences they make in the lives of their patients.

And May 12 isn’t just a random date that was chosen out of a hat for Nurses Day! Here’s some fun history: During his term, Former President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation recognizing May 6th as a day to honor nurses. Later, the American Nurses Association expanded this recognition to a week-long celebration, culminating on May 12 - the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

Use Nurses Day as an opportunity to thank a nurse or nursing student in your life for all they do. Below are a few ideas for gifts for nurses that any nurse will appreciate.

Nurses are often on their feet for several hours a day and may not have time to fit in a regular workout on days they work long shifts. By using a FitBit, nurses will be able to track all the steps they take and will see that, even though they couldn’t fit in a run or trip to the gym, that they still got a good amount of exercise by walking for miles throughout their shift.

With such a demanding career, many nurses don’t have time to sit and enjoy a good book. For busy nurses who love to read, audiobooks are a fantastic option that can be listened to while commuting, doing chores or running errands.

If you know of a few books your favorite nurse has been wanting to read, buy the audiobook versions or gift an audiobook subscription through Audible or Scribd.

Massage Gift Certificate
Nurses often build up emotional stress from constantly caring for others and their bodies are strained by the physical demands of their jobs. An excellent way for nurses to relieve stress and relax sore muscles is by getting a massage. Buy a gift certificate for an hour-long massage at a nearby spa. It’s sure to work wonders!

Rings They Can Wear on the Job

Since nurses have physically-intensive jobs and use their hands for a variety of tasks, they often forego wearing jewelry - especially rings - to work. But they don’t have to!

QALO silicone rings are especially great for nurses. Our quality rings are durable, flexible and comfortable to wear and they’re able to withstand whatever tasks the hard-working hands they adorn put them through.

For nurses who want to show their commitment to the fight against breast cancer, select a ring from our Barbells for Boobs Collection, designed to show our company’s support for the nonprofit organization of the same name.

Healthy Food

Nurses are always on the go and, unfortunately, don’t often have time to eat as healthy as they would like. To help them eat healthier more often, gift a full meal subscription box so they can cook healthy meals without having to do the grocery shopping.

Regardless of which gift you decide to give, be sure to include a handwritten note telling them what you appreciate or admire about them as a nurse. Your note and gift will make their Nurse Day an extra special one.


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