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Celebrate National Parent's Day with Customizable Silicone Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Celebrate National Parent's Day with Customizable Silicone Rings

National Parent’s Day is coming, are you ready?

The holiday, which was created in 1994 by President Bill Clinton, is meant as a day to mark the appreciation of the commitment that a parent has for his or her children. Clinton said his goal was to create a holiday for, “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in rearing children.” The holiday is marked in the USA on the fourth Sunday in July. This year it will be celebrated on July 22nd.

Falling just a month after Father’s Day and two months post Mother’s Day, the holiday is not widely known or celebrated in the US. That’s precisely why you should be paying attention to it. Celebrating your parents on this day shows that you’re aware of small commitments and the efforts that went into raising you. This year, we think a customized silicone ring is a perfect way to mark the day and show both your parents just how much they both mean to you.

Customizable rings speak to a person’s personality in a way that other gifts cannot. The silicone ring customization doesn’t stop with color. You can also work with different designs and styles. Or maybe you want to even try different stacks. Try our stack builder. With the online stack builder, you’re able to pair different stackable rings, designs, and patterns for the perfect stacks and see how the finished stack will look before your purchase. One last perk to customizable silicone ring stacks? The more you buy, the bigger of a discount we’ll offer.

Perhaps you choose your parent’s favorite colors or the colors of their favorite sporting team. Maybe you choose the birthstone colors of each of their children, creating a very personal stack! Or maybe you learn what their wedding colors were and create a stack that way. No matter what single ring or color combination you decide on, chances are, it’s customized to represent your parents perfectly.

So are you ready to create a unique, custom ring to celebrate National Parent’s Day? Cool. Head over to our custom ring builder to get started!


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