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Celebrating QALO's 6th Birthday

QALO is celebrating its 6th birthday this month!! While 6 is a young age, both for people and businesses, our company has come a long way since we first started out. When we look back at these past 6 years, we’re humbled and so grateful for everyone in our community, whether you’ve been with us from day one or you’ve recently become a fan.

For those who have been with us for our entire journey up to this point, you’ll likely remember that we started out with our silicone rings. But as our customers began welcoming precious new additions to their families (both children and four-legged family members) since buying their first silicone wedding bands, it was only natural that our product line would expand to include items for babies and dogs. Hence, the introduction of our increasingly popular silicone teething necklaces, hand-made baby blankets, and silicone dog ID tags

The beautiful thing about our growth over the last 6 years is that it’s all been authentic to the core of what QALO is all about: quality, love, family and a lifestyle that revolves around athletics and the great outdoors. We’re so excited to continue this journey with all of our loyal consumers and to welcome new members to our community as we continue to provide quality products you love that perfectly compliment your lifestyle.

As a birthday gift to us, we’d love it if you would share your pics with your well-loved QALO products, from you and your partner’s silicone rings, to your little one bundled up in one of our blankets, to your favorite furry friend sporting his cool dog ID tag! Tag us on Instagram using #QALOfamily! We can’t wait to see your posts!