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Cozy Fall Wedding Inspiration for the Outdoorsy Couple

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Cozy Fall Wedding Inspiration for the Outdoorsy Couple

Fall weddings are the new hot thing. The stronghold that summer has held on nuptials for decades seems to have expired. In fact, October is now the busiest month of the year for weddings, knocking June from its long-held position. With lower prices in the shoulder season and a nice natural palette of colors to work with, it’s not hard to understand why modern couples are choosing fall. Here are ten super-simple fall wedding inspiration tips that we just love.

Hot Apple Cider

Create a welcome station for your guests. A shabby-chic buffet or dresser from a local yard sale or Goodwill is the perfect place to put an insulated tank of apple cider. Allow your guests something warm to sip on as the fall air nips at their skin. A basket of blankets is another warm idea.

Mini Pumpkins

Let’s talk about mini-pumpkins. They’re so affordable and readily available that it might be challenging to not use them everywhere. Remember that there is a fine line between fall themed … and Halloween themed. Use small pumpkins as accent pieces, think about table number of favors, but not as large-scale décor.

Fruit Place Settings

Think about designing an entire tablescape around fall fruits. Rich red apples, pomegranates, and pears are the perfect start. They’re incredibly affordable and rustically charming.

Oil Lamps

Candles on tables at receptions are kind of a must for most couples. But with fall at hand, we encourage you to think about oil lamps. They’re more original and quite unique.


Taking a hike with your sweetie in the weeks leading up to the big day could wind up saving you on décor bigtime. Pick up fallen acorns and pine cones as you walk. They make great additions to reception tables or overall décor.

Floral Bouquet

Think about rich colors! Replacing pastels and light florals, a fall bouquet can be filled with deep jewel tones and multi-colored fall foliage. The intensity of the colors will be inspirational to the rest of your décor.


If ever there was a perfect venue for a fall wedding, it’s probably a barn. They don’t even have to be perfectly painted to pull off the job at hand. In fact, it’s probably better if they’re a bit rustic. Use fabric-covered hay bales for seating. Your photos will be epic!


Summer weddings beg for strands of florals in bloom. Fall weddings can save you big time green by opting to replaces those blooms with fall foliage. Large evergreen ferns work nicely!


Burlap is trendy right now, and it’s the perfect complement for a fall wedding. It goes well on menu cards, as a tablecloth, or even as a bouquet or boutonniere wrap. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

Welcome your guests to your reception with a hot chocolate bar. It’s great for kids, and adding optional alcohol to the bar set up gets the grown-ups excited as well. It’s the perfect way to warm up as the evening sets in.

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