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CrossFitters and Athletes Are Going QALO

All it takes is a quick trip to our About Us section to see that people from all walks of life are figuring out that QALO silicone rings are where it’s at for wedding rings. Yes, you’ll find household names in there like country musician Jason Aldean, but by and large, you’ll notice that most of our celebrity endorsers are athletes.  This isn’t by coincidence. CrossFit athletes especially, but not limited to, have learned that when it comes to performance and safety, silicone rings have a lot going for them.

Recently reality TV star and fitness fan Audrina Patridge talked with about her choice to wear a QALO at the gym. Like plenty of other athletes, Audrina has figured out that the soft silicone means that your palms are less likely to become callused after lifting heavy metal weights. When you lift with a traditional ring, the metal on metal is not only distracting, but your skin can get pinched, causing painful blisters that slow down your progress.

Even you’re not lifting weights, CrossFit athletes, professional athletes, and everyday athletes all agree – a QALO silicone ring is light as air and comfortable during high-intensity workouts that can leave your body covered in sweat. Your rings won’t slide around causing a distraction while you work.

Since you don’t have to remove your silicone ring for safety concerns that means you’re not as likely to misplace or lose your ring either. Instead of placing it in a bag, a locker, or around your neck, keep your ring where it belongs – on your finger. This is something that your significant other is very likely to appreciate since the gym can be a hotbed of a place for singles to meet. Showcasing your availability can help to stop unwanted advances, and help you keep your focus where it belongs.

Finally, leaving your traditional metal ring at home during your workout means that it’s less likely to be damaged at the gym.

When you add all of these things up, it’s easy to see why athletes are making the switch to QALO. See what the movement is all about by trying your own silicone ring. Check out our Barbells-for-Boobs line. They support Breast Cancer Awareness and stand up to whatever your fit-routine throws at them.