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Customize Your QALO: Running & Cycling Medical ID

Written By: QALO Inc.

Customize Your QALO: Running & Cycling Medical ID

The phrase “better safe than sorry” can translate to life or death during emergencies. The next time you suit up for your 6-mile run or bike ride around the city, you likely won’t cross paths with a first responder, right? But life is a series of unknowns. 

A fall from your bike or overheating in the sun can compromise your safety. You might have left your wallet and ID at home. If you are passed out or disoriented, a custom medical ID can communicate important information to professionals to get you proper care right away.

What Is a Custom Medical ID?

A medical ID, sometimes called a sports ID, is typically a bracelet or necklace engraved with crucial health information such as medical conditions and emergency contacts. They vary widely in construction, style, and material, but all can potentially save your life.

More than 95% of first responders look for a medical ID, according to American Medical ID. Adding a medical ID to your watchband is a simple way to ensure you get the care you need in the unlikely event that you require emergency assistance when running, cycling, or staying active.

What to Include on a Custom Medical ID

Every medical ID will include basic identifying information. Most will only have room for a few lines of text, so choose the information that is most pressing for a medical professional to know. Here are some details you can include:

- Your name

- Existing medical conditions such as diabetes

- Important allergies

- Current medications

- Medicare or health insurance ID number

- Emergency contact’s phone number

- Physician’s phone number

When shopping for a custom medical ID bracelet, check the product information to learn how many characters will fit. Practice writing your information and finalize what your medical ID should say before deciding what to buy.

Make Your QALO GridLock Watchband a Medical ID

Our GridLock watchbands, exclusively for Apple products, are specifically designed for explorers and athletes. They feature a unique Dual Lock Fastener and groove-less comfort fit design that keeps an Apple Watch firmly in place while you hit your latest fitness goals. When it comes to transforming your Apple watchband into a medical ID, you have multiple options:

- Solid color Customizable GridLock Watchbands can be personalized with up to four lines and 80 characters of text. Adding your important medical information directly to your watchband prepares you for an extreme sport or outdoor trek. Choose between vibrant color choices including Arctic Teal, Sakura Pink and Midnight Black.

- You might prefer a patterned GridLock Watchband featuring a starry sky or forest. Combine your Apple Watch and medical ID by buying a form-fitting Apple Watch ID specifically sized for sport watchbands. As long as you choose the right corresponding size, it will slide right onto your GridLock watchband and provide peace of mind during your next adventure. To ensure you choose the right size, head to our guide on sizing your watchband.

At QALO, we appreciate the pressures that first responders face every day, and we salute their service and commitment. That’s why we proudly offer a 15% discount to all first responders on our silicone rings, watchbands, ID tags and more.


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