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    Customized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Customized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Sick of sending sweets and flowers for Valentine’s Day? While these classics are favorites for a reason, we’re in support of breaking out of the ordinary and finding something a little unique for 2020. Unique Valentine’s gifts may be easier said than done, however. You’re not the first person to think outside of the box, which means a truly unique gift is a real gem indeed … unless you send a customized gift.

    Think about it.

    A gift that is made custom for someone is a gift that it’s highly unlikely anyone else will have. Choosing a unique Valentine’s gift gets a lot easier when, instead of trying to rebuild the wheel, you just customize it. And, lucky for you, QALO specializes in customized gifts that will also be a hit on Valentine’s Day. Here are our favorites.

    Customized QALO Rings

    Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. QALO silicone jewelry is a modern twist on the classic that solves most of what’s wrong with the classic tradition. Not only is it affordable, but QALO silicone rings are also customizable. When you use the online tool to customize a silicone ring, you get the chance to choose the perfect shape and color of your silicone ring before ultimately inscribing it with a name, date, or other meaningful text. Some rings even allow you to customize with a design. Imagine gifting a ring that tells your significant other about the outdoor activity that you’ve planned for the day? The reveal gift becomes a keepsake!

    Customized QALO Blankets

    There may be no better way to spend this holiday than snuggled up close to the one that you love. The romantic idea of a home cooked meal with wine followed by a movie on the couch appeals to many. Make the date even more memorable by gifting your love a QALO Sherpa blanket. They are super soft, thick, and warm. In short, they’re perfect for cuddling. And since you can customize the blanket with your names, the date, or a special quote, this is a gift that becomes a keepsake of your quiet night in for years to come!

    Customized QALO Strata Rings   

    Brand new and ready just in time for Valentine’s Day 2019, the customized Strata ring is the “It” gift of the QALO line-up for this season. We’ve taken our wildly popular Strata series and turned it into a gift that you can build specifically for your loved one. The delicate cut-out details in complimentary colors will now be up to you to piece together into a truly unique creation. In addition, the rings will support up to 22 characters of custom engraved text. There are no other silicone rings like it on the market, and once you’ve added your customization, this will be a one-of-a-kind gift no one else will have.

    QALO Family Book

    While we’re talking unique Valentine’s gift ideas, we want to throw this one your way. Our Family Book is 128 pages of interactive and exciting family fun. While it can’t be personalized by us at the warehouse, it is customizable by you. When you complete the activities and adventures in the pages, you’ll be customizing your experiences as a family, a couple, or even as a group of friends. If you have someone hard to shop for on your list, here is a great idea that is unlikely to be something they’ve ever received before.

    With four great ideas to get you started, we can’t wait to see what you dream up. Start customizing now! Here’s a link to our customizable rings. You’ll find the customizable Sherpa blankets here, and the family book here.


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