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    Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

    Wedding bands seem like such a straightforward concept, but they actually come with a fair amount of nuance. Who pays for them? When should you buy them? Do they have to match? As your go-to authority on all things wedding rings, QALO is here to help answer all of your wedding ring-related questions, no matter how obvious or confusing they may seem. Today, we’re covering all you need to know about matching.

    Don’t feel like reading this whole article? Here’s a quick TL;DR: No, your wedding ring definitely does not have to match your partner’s wedding ring or your engagement ring. In fact, trends are moving further away from matching and closer to individual pairings and mismatched sets. But matching wedding bands are still uber-classy–if that’s your thing!

    Do the Bride and Groom’s Wedding Bands Have to Match?

    When shopping for wedding bands, you’ll notice that many are sold as sets with two similar-looking rings—one for the bride and one for the groom. Often, they’re crafted from the same materials, but are sized differently, with the bride’s ring typically a thinner and daintier version of the groom’s. This is because, traditionally, wedding bands were made to match and actually were once made to fit together like puzzle pieces. If you’re a traditional couple who loves the idea of keeping things classic, you can totally keep the customs alive and go matchy-matchy.

    Do you have to? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s trendier than ever to mix and match and to choose a ring that honors each of your unique personalities. One major benefit of not matching is that you both get a ring that vibes with your overall aesthetic and preferences. Plus, you probably have different skin tones and preferences regarding which colors and metals you like to wear, so picking your own can be a great way to ensure that you love wearing your ring. And you definitely should love wearing your ring, since you’ll likely be rocking it all day every day for the rest of your life!


    There are some practical reasons to mismatch, too. Your partner may choose one of our long-lasting and safe silicone wedding bands because it makes more sense for their lifestyle, while you prefer a classic precious metal style if it makes more sense for yours. If either of you are the active, outdoorsy or hard-working type, silicone probably makes a better option for day-to-day wear, compared to typically fragile metals like gold and silver.

    Does Your Wedding Band Have to Match Your Engagement Ring?

    So we know that you and your spouse’s wedding bands need not match each other—though they definitely can, if that’s your thing—but does your band have to match your engagement ring? Actually, the same rules apply here. Traditional wedding and engagement ring sets do usually match or at least complement one another in some small way, but that’s becoming less and less popular. 

    These days, it’s quite common to see mismatched sets. Instead of the standard white gold solitaire engagement ring with a simple white gold band, we’re seeing combinations with different metals, ring widths, designs and stones. And with the stacking wedding band trend gaining more and more steam, we often see multiple mismatched rings on a single finger, proving that the way you wear wedding bands can say so much about your sense of style. 

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    Multiple Options for Multiple Styles

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    Another great option is to have multiple rings, including one that matches your engagement ring or your spouse’s ring and one that complements it, accents it or stands out all on its own. Many people opt to choose matching rings as their “official” wedding band, but to wear silicone rings or other styles to suit the mood or activity at hand. 

    Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether or not wedding rings have to match is simple: no! Like all wedding traditions, there are different degrees and approaches you can take. The best thing you can do is choose an option that suits your partnership and individual styles so you want to wear yours all day every day.


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