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    Do You Have to Have a Wedding Band?

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    Do You Have to Have a Wedding Band?

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    During the whirlwind of wedding planning, you’ve got laundry lists of things to do—from choosing your attire to sending invitations, your days are filled with wedding planning tasks. 

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    One thing you might not have yet considered are the wedding bands. More and more couples are asking whether or not they even need to get wedding bands, especially women. They already have engagement rings, so will a wedding band even be a worthy addition or will it detract from the engagement ring? These are great questions, so let’s talk about why you need a wedding band.

    A Symbol of Commitment

    A wedding band is a symbol of commitment. While you might think your engagement ring is enough to signify your commitment to your fiancé, a wedding band means more than an engagement ring! It shows you and your fiancé followed through with your commitment to join together as one. If you’ve been wondering: Do wedding bands have to match?, find out in our guide. But matching isn’t a bad idea, either; it shows your life-long commitment to your spouse.

    An Opportunity to Design Something Special

    Because wedding bands are so significant, ordering them is an experience within itself. Even if you both decide to go with bands made of alternative materials, such as silicone, they still require some thoughtfulness and planning. 

    Do Wedding Bands Have to Match? Find Out in Our Guide!

    Your wedding bands are the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to decide on the jewelry that will symbolize your union throughout the rest of your lives. You’ll want to pick bands that not only represent your marriage but also yourselves as individuals. That’s why silicone wedding bands are perfect for couples—you can each wear your favorite colors or patterns instead of being limited to metals. 

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    Even Minimalists Should Wear One

    If you and your partner subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle, you should still wear a wedding band. Like we said, a marriage is a commitment! The band is the physical way you remind yourself, your partner, and everyone else of your commitment and your partnership. Wedding bands don’t have to be gaudy; a simple band will do the trick. Silicone rings are a great option because they seamlessly blend in with your lifestyle. Made with simplicity in mind, they work for everyone!

    It Accents Your Engagement Ring

    If you wore an engagement ring, then a wedding band will accent your engagement ring. Considering your engagement ring style, shape, and color is a great way to design your wedding band. They work together on your finger and, together, they make a beautiful set! You can create them together, choosing bands that show off your individual tastes. 

    While a beautiful diamond can definitely stand on its own, many brides have said, later on, their engagement ring feels “naked” without its band! After a few weeks, you’ll come to realize just how important a wedding band truly is when put right next to your shining engagement ring.

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    Wear It on Your Other Hand

    If you’re still committed to wearing your engagement ring by itself, why not wear the wedding band on your other hand? A lot of other cultures wear their wedding bands on their right hand instead of the left. 

    There’s nothing wrong with splitting your rings between two hands, but a wedding band is simply a must! It’s also a great idea for couples who want to have a wedding band that doesn’t match their engagement ring—you can go an entirely different route than your engagement ring style, and it won’t clash with your ring because it’s on your other hand. There are other ways to wear your ring, too.

    Wearing a Band While Traveling Is Safer Than Just Your Engagement Ring

    Even if you don’t travel often, it’s still a good idea to have a wedding band to wear while on the road or in the air. A shining ring is a classic way for thieves and other criminals to target you and your spouse on your travels. Keep yourself, your spouse, and your jewelry safe on the road by getting a wedding band to wear. 

    It’s also easy to lose your jewelry while traveling, and it would be the worst thing to lose your pricey engagement ring! It has immense sentimental value to you, so having a “travel band” to wear will make things much easier for you. Getting a silicone wedding band set will make traveling a breeze—the material is best suited for any activities you do while at your destination, and they aren’t a target for criminals! 


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