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    Does My Dog Have to Wear His License Tag?

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    Does My Dog Have to Wear His License Tag?
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    Your dog is your child. You feed them, bathe them, and take them to the vet when they’re sick. You do a great job taking care of your baby pupper, but there’s one important factor you might be wondering about: your dog’s license tag. You’re not alone—many dog owners have questions about licensing and whether or not their dog should wear the tag that comes with it. Here are a few reasons why having your dog wear his license tag is a good idea! 

    1. It’s probably required. Most cities and counties require dogs to be licensed. Licensing helps to keep track of vaccinations and ownership, so if a dog gets out, they’re easier to track. The tag is proof your dog’s licensed. If you don’t get your dog licensed, or your dog isn’t wearing his tag, you can be subjected to fines and—potentially—jail time. No one wants that to happen! Many jurisdictions allow you to pay your licensing fee online, so you don’t have to trek over to the office that handles them. They’ll mail the tag to you, and you can attach it right next to your dog’s personalized dog tag 

    Order a Personalized Dog Tag to Match Your Pupper’s Breed

    2. The fee to license is cheaper than the fine for not having it. Some jurisdictions’ dog licensing fee can be as little as $10. You can research online the cost of the dog licensing fee. In contrast, the fine for not having your dog licensed can be at least $100. That doesn’t include any civil penalties your locality might enforce upon you. Needless to say, it’s definitely cheaper—and easier!—to just get the dog license. Online resources make it easy to find what the dog license requirements are for your state 

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    3. Your dog will need the tag on to play in the dog park. Many dog parks run by your locality require the license tag be on your dog in order for him to play in the park. If you want your dog to be able to spend time hanging out with other puppers and doggos at the dog park, running and fetching frisbees, then you’ll want to be sure he’s wearing his license tag!  

    A Silicone Dog Tag Is Comfy for Your Puppy

    If you worry about it getting tangled with other dogs’ tags or making too much noise with any other tags currently on his collar, replace it with a silicone dog tag. Include all the necessary information—your dog’s name, your phone number, whether he’s microchipped, etc.—on the silicone tag, especially the license number, and keep the other tags to use as backups. 

    4. Shelters will be able to return your dog to you faster. If your dog gets lost or runs out by accident while you’re bringing in groceries, you’ll want to be sure he can get home faster. Having your dog wear his licensing tag can ensure this.  

    When your dog is picked up by Animal Services or dropped off at a shelter by a neighbor, officials will be able to look up that license number and get your contact information. Then, they can get in touch with you to get your pupper returned to you. Without the licensing tag, there’s no proof your dog resides at the address claimed on any other dog tags that might be on your dog’s collar. 

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    5. You can never have enough ways to keep track of your dog. You might think you don’t need to have your dog wear his licensing tag because he’s microchipped. However, if you recently moved and haven’t updated the microchip to include your new information, if a shelter scans your dog’s microchip, they might come up with the incorrect information. Representatives from local animal services might try going to your incorrect address or call the wrong phone number. 

    If you keep your dog’s license tag on him, and keep it up to date, then it’s another way to ensure your dog can be safely returned to you. Just like with children, you can never have enough ways to keep your doggo safe. Including the licensure information for your dog is also an important part of what to write on dog tag

    6. Local shelters use the licensure funds to operate. Many jurisdictions use the funds collected through licensure fees to operate their shelters. It lets them feed the animals and provide additional services to them, such as medical care, toys, and blankets. Without licensure fees, those shelters would lose a lot of money and be forced to euthanize more animals that come into their care. By getting your dog licensed, you’re helping other animals, too!


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