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Everything You Need to Know About MLB Spring Training

Written By: QALO Inc.

Everything You Need to Know About MLB Spring Training

Each spring, the 15 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that make up the Cactus League spend about a month in Arizona for Spring Training, and the other 15 MLB teams that make up the Grapefruit League head to Florida for their spring training season. 

Taking a trip to see some of your favorite players getting ready for the season is a fantastic activity to do over spring break with the kids. But before you go, you’ll want to get the scoop on what to expect when you attend baseball spring training.


Helpful Information for Travelers to MLB Spring Training

- It’s free to attend team practice sessions. Parking is also free. 

- Practice sessions typically begin between 9 and 10 a.m.

- Schedules, ticket information, and stadium information for each of the teams that play during Spring Training can be found on the Cactus League website and the Grapefruit League website.

- The Cactus League teams play in 10 Spring Training stadiums throughout the Greater Phoenix area. Each stadium has unique features, so it’s a good idea to check out specific stadium information ahead of time. The most distant stadiums are about 50 miles apart from one another.

- The Grapefruit League teams play in 13 Florida locations. Get stadium information here.

- For security, all bags will be inspected before they’re permitted into the stadium. You can usually bring in some light snacks and comforts like lawn chairs but check the stadium website beforehand to make sure.


Best Places to Get Autographs

One of the most popular activities during the Spring Training season is getting autographs! Since the stadiums are smaller and there aren’t huge crowds like during the regular playing season, the players are more accessible and open to giving autographs.

Some of the best places to try to get autographs include:

- Practice Sessions - You can often get autographs as players and coaches come and go in practice sessions. Plan to arrive early so you can catch them as they’re arriving or get them on they’re way out (usually around lunchtime).

- Spring Training Games - You can try to get autographs at the players’ entrance to the stadium or from behind the dugouts on the field. You can also try to get autographs as players are leaving the stadium.

- Restaurants and Bars - Do some research or talk to locals to find out what restaurants are most popular with the players so you’ll increase your chances of running into one while dining. If you happen to see a player while your family is enjoying a delicious meal, you may be able to snag an autograph as a bonus!  


If your family is really into baseball, you’ll want to consider heading to Arizona or Florida to catch some MLB Spring Training in action! It’s sure to be a memorable experience for everyone.


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