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    Fall Favorites: A Ring for Every Flavor

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Fall Favorites: A Ring for Every Flavor

    You know that familiar feeling. The temperatures have dropped and stayed low. It’s been two weeks since you’ve worn a short-sleeved tee, and you’re heading off to work donned in a vest, cardigan, or a comfy sweater.

    When fall rolls around, we trade in the bright colors and floral prints for Earthen tones — mustard yellows, deep maroons, forest greens and cocoa browns. We also somehow get all of the great fall flavors simultaneously: pumpkin spiced lattes, hot apple cider, cinnamon cookies and rich caramel cappuccinos.

    Alongside your fall fashion and flavors, add an on-trend fall silicone ring from QALO. Our affordable prices allow you to accessorize for the season and complete your look. Explore our wide variety of unique styles for fall. If you don’t know where to start, allow your favorite fall flavor to be your guide.

    Pumpkin Spice

    Pumpkin spice has been around for baking purposes since 1934, but the flavor’s enduring success arguably comes from its inclusion on the Starbucks menu since 2003. When the chilly autumn air creeps into our homes, it's natural to cozy up with a warm, comforting beverage, and few flavors inspire more passion than pumpkin spice.

    Even if you skip the latte you can still sport a pumpkin spiced ring (well, sort of). Embrace your love of this fall flavor with a silicone ring literally inscribed with the word “love.” Our Women’s Rose Gold & Black Metallic Strata Filigree Love Silicone Ring will evoke the sense memory of your preferred fall beverage with its dynamic, two-tone design. 


    Fall is synonymous with apple season. From piping hot cider to fresh apple pie, countless fall recipes incorporate this popular fruit. Maybe you’re partial to Fuji apples, or perhaps you have a soft spot for Granny Smith apples. 

    Whether you swing orange or green, you’ll be ready for your social media apple-picking photoshoot with our Men’s Switch Reversible Sage & Burnt Orange Silicone Ring. The duality of apple flavors packed into a single fall-appropriate style, this men’s silicone ring is designed to slide on and off easier all while maintaining a breathable fit. With the choice of two distinct colors, you can embrace every possibility of your favorite fall flavor.


    Widely considered a staple fall flavor, cinnamon is poised to dominate even more this year. Delish predicts that cinnamon may surpass pumpkin spice in 2019 as the go-to seasonal flavor due to its versatility and lack of connection with any specific holiday. 

    If you add full cinnamon sticks to your hot coffee and cider, celebrate your special spice with our Women’s Desert Rose Crosshatch Silicone Ring. Intricately designed for flexibility and style, this ring features a flat silhouette for added comfort and functionality.


    Sure, chocolate gets the lion’s share of attention. But for many fall enthusiasts, sweet treats for the colder seasons aren’t complete without caramel. If you proudly order a caramel-infused coffee drink every chance you get, consider a QALO silicone ring that has a signature sparkle of gold.

    Our Men’s Gold & Black Metallic Score Strata Silicone Ring redefines tradition with durability and flexibility. Made to bend, twist, and move with you, this silicone ring is the ideal option for men who tackle life’s toughest tasks while confidently claiming caramel as their fall pick-me-up of choice.

    Candy Corn

    If you live and breathe Halloween, tout your favorite striped candy with a tri-color stack of QALO rings. We have a couple of suggestions based on your affinity for this sugary seasonal candy.

    If you want a candy corn-inspired ring stack for International Candy Corn Day, go with the following three stackable rings:

    Women’s Neon Orange Stackable Chevron Silicone Ring
    Women’s Peach Stackable Geo Silicone Ring
    Women’s White Stackable Twist Silicone Ring

    However, if you’d rather represent your favorite fall celebration, Halloween, then simply substitute the Women’s Black Stackable Peak Silicone Ring for the Peach Stackable Geo Silicone Ring. Our assortment of stackable ring styles and colors will allow you to fully express your devotion to fall.

    Don’t miss out! Stock up on seasonal silicone rings to showcase your commitment while upgrading your style based on your top fall flavor.


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