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Family Friendly Fall Fun Activities

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Family Friendly Fall Fun Activities

We love to be outside as the season’s change. And, if we’re being honest, the transition from summer to fall is probably our favorite. The changing colors, the excitement of back-to-school, and the still long days make this time of year a favorite for many people. The abundance of family-friendly things to do at this time of year also makes it very appealing. If you’re struggling to come up with a new fall tradition for your family, here are three of our favorites.

Go Foraging

This is especially fun for school-aged kids. Hit a local state park armed with a library book on foraging and a fishing pole (don’t forget your fishing license). Make a day out of hiking while seeking out edible plants and berries. Then try your hand at fishing for a bit. It can all come together as a meal that you foraged for on your own − and kids just love that. If you have younger children or a general lack of patience, there is no shame in heading to a local orchard or family farm. They will often have veggies, berries, and apples that you can still handpick without having to hunt.

Host a Bonfire

There is just something about bonfires that bring out the best in all of us. If you live on your own land, and there is no active burn ban in your area, consider hosting a fall bonfire! It’s a great opportunity to gather friends and share your summer stories. Roast hotdogs and don’t forget to have all the fixings for s’mores on hand! Once you’re done cooking on the fire, toss in a packet of Mystic Fire. Generally available on Amazon, these packets ruin a fire for cooking, but in exchange, turn the flames a rainbow of colors including green, blue, and even purple.

Fly a Kite

Shoulder seasons – spring and fall− are great for flying kites. Winds are a bit more active now than they are during the summer, and in the fall, it’s still plenty warm enough to sit outside and watch the wind cause your kite to coast for hours. We love the idea of working with kids to create their own kite, but of course, it might be a nice idea to purchase one or two kites from the store to use when the homemade ones snap. This is also a great teaching activity, as you can show the kids how the invisible wind plays a big role in their lives.

If there is a little one in your family, don’t forget that this is an easy time of year to catch a cold. Babies and small children still need more assistance with self-temperature regulation than adults do, so it’s a great idea to bundle them up before heading out. Occasions like this are exactly why we are proud to introduce our Sherpa baby blankets. Cozy, warm, and beautiful, check them out, here.


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